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Key terms to understand about switching business energy contracts

Understanding business energy contracts is a daunting challenge and often leads to many business owners simply giving up and sticking with their default provider, even if it means paying more for their energy and getting worse customer services. If you’re thinking about changing your business’ energy provider, a third-party offers… Read more

How can using an energy comparison service help your business?

So, you’re frustrated with your current energy supplier and how much you’re paying, possibly the lack of customer service too. You’ve tried switching in the past, but the hassle and general wild goose-chase of it all just aren’t worth the time and trouble. Perhaps it’s time to consider an energy… Read more

6 inventive ways businesses can save on their utility bills

Bills are an unavoidable part of running a business, much like salaries and tax. However, if you’re keen on ensuring your company’s bottom line is impacted as little as possible by how much you spend on fundamental utilities like energy, gas and water, then you'll want to learn how our… Read more

New UK Energy Price Cap – What Does It Mean For Businesses?

It appears that the days of skyrocketing household energy tariffs are numbered, with Ofgem implementing a new energy price cap from the 1st of January 2019. The government’s energy regulator are estimating an average saving of £76 on the utility bills of 11 million people each year, but the initiative… Read more

Are you an Extra Energy customer?

On Wednesday 21st November 2018, it was reported that UK gas and electricity supplier Extra Energy had ceased trading. If you're an Extra Energy customer, there's no need to worry. Your gas and electricity supply will continue as normal and you will not be cut off or lose power. The… Read more

E.ON and banking group join forces to offer green mortgages

According to Financial Reporter, 71% of UK households are below an EPC Band C rating, meaning they are missing out on energy savings of up to £380 each year. The government’s Clean Growth Strategy strives to bring as many homes as possible up to Band C level of practical, cost-effective… Read more

Step into the LED light

Given that a huge 20% of the UK’s overall energy consumption can be handed exclusively to lighting, it is extremely likely that it also accounts for a significant chunk of your business’s electricity bill. This means that the way you use power to efficiently light your workplace can help to… Read more

Reports confirm Brexit energy price increase

A Brexit energy price increase is reported to hit consumers in the UK after talks between UK prime minister and the European commission president. It is now thought that despite the newly proposed interconnectors in Europe which were believed to lead to lower wholesale prices, imposing tariffs on energy trading could… Read more

What is the future for Brexit energy prices?

At a turbulent and uncertain time for the UK with regards to Brexit energy prices and European connections, the UK’s energy system is set to become dramatically more dependent on the European Union by building new links to Europe. Currently there are four cables, known as interconnectors, running between the… Read more

Exchange Utility commended at Princess Royal Training Awards

The Princess Royal Training Awards and the City & Guilds Group has today released the names of the 48 businesses commended by their 2018 award reward scheme. The prestigious Awards honour UK companies including River Island, John Lewis, RBS, the Royal Air Force and Exchange Utility for their outstanding training… Read more

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