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Which factors affect business electricity prices?

Business electricity prices - what affects your bill? Business electricity prices often fluctuate. As a consumer, this can be incredibly frustrating, as it's far too easy to be stung by a high bill - especially if you use variable business electricity tariffs or if you're an SME with little financial… Read more

Boost your office spirits this Halloween

Although not an officially recognised national holiday in the UK, you only have to look out of the window on the evening of the 31st October to see that Halloween is growing in popularity year on year within the British culture. Getting your team involved in celebrating Halloween at the… Read more

5 Benefits to being an eco-friendly business

The concept of becoming a more eco-friendly organisation is no longer something that can be ignored by businesses. Consumers demand it, governments are enforcing it and the benefits now outweigh the cost exponentially. With this in mind, we've compiled this list of benefits to show you that going green actually… Read more

UK smart energy meter deadline postponed

The government has pushed back plans to roll out smart energy meters across the UK from 2020 to 2024 after critics claimed the project had “no realistic prospect” of reaching its original deadline. What is a smart energy meter? Smart energy meters are designed to take gas and electricity usage readings… Read more

The future of green energy in the UK

As you may have heard, the UK recently hit a major milestone in its green energy goals: managing a full fortnight without coal-free energy. But before we all start patting ourselves on the back, we need to ask ourselves a serious question... Is this a major milestone on the way… Read more

Short guide to VAT and business electricity

Here at Exchange Utility, we are energy experts. Our main role is to help businesses and organisations make smarter, more cost-effective choices about their energy supply. So when our customers come to us asking if they're paying the correct amount of VAT on their electricity bills, we can help, and… Read more

Ofgem to review microbusiness energy market

Ofgem, the energy regulator, announced plans earlier this month to perform a strategic review of the microbusiness energy market – but what does that mean for businesses like yours? Size matters Ofgem defines a microbusiness as an organisation that operates as a non-domestic consumer of energy and: employs less than… Read more

Key terms to understand about switching business energy contracts

Understanding business energy contracts is a daunting challenge and often leads to many business owners simply giving up and sticking with their default provider, even if it means paying more for their energy and getting worse customer services. If you're thinking about changing your business energy provider, a third-party offers… Read more

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