5 Great things about back to school for business owners

Term time has officially recommenced, meaning it’s back to school time for thousands of children up and down the UK.

Anyone who is a parent will understand the stress that the holidays can bring on finances, families and work – so much so that some will be glad to see the back of it. This goes especially for business owning parents.

Since the end is nigh and there’s now light at the end of the tunnel, we’ve put together a list of 5 Great things about the kids going back to school for business owners. Enjoy!

5 Great things about back to school for business owners

Great things about back to school 1: You get your staff back!

Although it’s very lovely that your staff have family commitments and want to spend time with their children,  holidays aren’t the best driver for productivity levels.

Staff often book weeks off at a time to avoid spending vast amounts of money on childcare, most take their holidays during this time too to avoid unwanted fines from their kids schools – no one can blame them for this, however, it does leave some businesses short in the labour department.

An end to the holidays means an end to all of this and bums on seats for your business so you can get more done and make more money for your business. Fantastic!

Great things about back to school 2: You can get back to business

back to school business owner adviceBusiness owners themselves are in no way immune to the superhuman demand on their energy when the kids are off school. All of that running around all day really takes its tole, so when you finally make it back to work you are, in short, CRACKERED!

Knowing that your children are being taken care of at school is a weight off your mind during the day and leaves you free to concentrate on running your business.

Great things about back to school 3: You get your evening back (ish)

When you go home after a hard days graft you need your unwind time.

Although the initial excitement caused by your presence cannot be stemmed, you will find that you have more ‘Me time’ in the evenings during term time because the kids are tired from a long day of learning and have other tasks that require their attention such as homework, reading and coursework. This gives you time to relax, unwind and do what you want to do… Until they need juice or food…

5 Great things about back to school for business owners

Great things about back to school 4: You can get your routine back on track

back to school business owner adviceBoth morning and evening routines can become a bit of a mangled disaster when the kids are off school because no two days are the same and you can easily find yourself being carried away by all manner of excursions.

Term time presents the opportunity to structure your time and therefore clear your mind and organise your affairs a bit better, as your day is slightly more predictable.

This helps you to plan how you are going to attack your massive workload at full force and make the most of your day.

Great things about back to school 5: Business opportunities

The ‘new start’ frame of mind that students encounter is contagious! And what better time for it than the start of a new term?

Parents, Grandparents and Children themselves go into a wild purchasing frenzy for uniforms, stationery and other items in order to prepare for the term. So if your business resides in any of these sectors, it’s time to get advertising so you can fight for the lion’s share of business in your area.

University students also begin receiving finance payments too, so the fashion, tech and beer markets may also see a rise in interest.

Whatever sector you operate within, you can find a way to push your product to these buyers.

back to school business owner adviceYou may have caught the ‘new start’ bug yourself, but what are you supposed to do about it? Close your business and change your job? I don’t think so! You’ve worked too long and hard on your business already to do that!

Instead of such a drastic move, expend your new inspiration by concentrating on making your business faster, stronger and more cost effective. There are so many easy ways to achieve this, including looking into existing processes, making more comprehensive business plans and reviewing your spending habits.

You may find that you are overspending on some resources and can easily get a better deal elsewhere. Working on this can cut costs and boost business profits pretty easily, especially when there are so many resources out there that can help you.

At Exchange Utility, it is our mission to assist UK schools, business and commercial property owners in the saving money on their gas, electricity and water. We impartially compare the market and offer expert advice on the best way to find a better deal that is also more suited to your business.

This, in some cases, saves business owners tens of thousands of pounds, so is well worth investigating. The best bit is, when it’s done, it’s done, so you are then free to concentrate on other demands on your time whilst the friendly Exchange Utility team handles your accounts.

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5 Great things about back to school for business owners