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How to Find the Best Energy Supplier for Your Business

For many businesses, finding ways to save money and cut their overheads is a vitally important operational strategy. However, far too many overlook the potential to make savings on their Business Gas and Electricity supplies. Here at Exchange Utility, we've been helping businesses of all sizes, from small SMEs, through… Read more

Top 10 tips to help you save energy at work

Are you looking to save energy at work? With more focus nowadays on reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency to help the environment, employer engagement can be key to helping this in the workplace. Everybody at work can play their part to become more energy efficient although it is… Read more

Exchange Utility: Promoting Environmentally Friendly Business Practices

How Exchange Utility work with Infinite Earth Here at Exchange Utility, it’s our mission to assist in reducing energy and utility costs and consumption in order to help you to achieve an environmentally friendly business status. This includes working on lowering Carbon Emissions and creating saving opportunities for all UK… Read more

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