Boost your office spirits this Halloween

Although not an officially recognised national holiday in the UK, you only have to look out of the window on the evening of the 31st October to see that Halloween is growing in popularity year on year within the British culture.

Getting your team involved in celebrating Halloween at the office is a great way to give your employees the chance to build morale, have fun and develop relationships with those they may not normally work directly alongside. It can also help towards your employee retention – a happy worker is a productive worker and highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies.

Depending on the enthusiasm of your staff, you can go as outlandish or as understated as you choose and all can be done during break times to keep work disruption to a minimum. Here are some ghoulish games and eerie ideas for a frighteningly fun day at the office.

  • If you’ve got it, haunt it.

Encourage teambuilding by holding a costume competition where teams compete against other teams, giving groups the chance to collaborate and execute their chosen spooktacular surprise! Have multiple category awards so there are more chances to win and more chances for celebration.

  • Give them pumpkin to talk about

A pumpkin carving contest is a solid favourite but can be messy! It might be best to ask your employees to do the crafting at home and bring in their pumpkin heads once finished. Why not photograph your team’s creative masterpieces and add them to your company’s social media page? You could even ask your customers to vote for their winner! This is a fantastic way to promote your company’s culture to both the outside world and to potential new hires.

  • Creepy catering

A shared or communal lunch is a great way to get everyone away from their desks and into a sociable and relaxed setting. Pumpkin soup, eyeball pasta, toffee apples… use your imagination! It doesn’t matter whether the food is homemade or bought in, the outcome is what counts; lots of happy, content workers with full bellies!

  • Treats, not tricks

If you are lucky enough to have some budding bakers within your team, a bone chilling bake sale could be a winning contender for your Halloween celebrations. Employees can really get creative with their cakes and the possibilities are endless for terrifying treats, creepy cakes, scary sweets and deadly desserts! Recent studies found that happiness at work leads to a 12% spike in productivity so you really can have your cake and eat it too with this one!

  • Mummy’s (and daddy’s) the word

Many of your employees will have children who they will be taking out to go trick or treating after work. Letting staff leave a little early so that they have longer to enjoy the evening with their families would be a great way to treat your workforce at Halloween. From a management perspective, it is worth noting that companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%.