How to bring an Olympic Mindset to your Business

How to bring an Olympic Mindset to your BusinessStart your day with an Olympic mindset! The Olympics is a worldwide sporting competition that pits off the best of each nation against one another to compete for a place on the winners’ podium and get their name cemented within the Olympic legacy.

Rio 2016 made history in that the home nation were awarded more medals for an overseas Olympic games than ever before, amongst other accomplishments like Andy Murray managing to hold onto his Olympic champion title for a second games and brothers Alistair and Jonny Brownlee winning gold and silver in the triathlon.

The dedication, determination and all-out blood, sweat and tears that has gone into athletes making these accomplishments isn’t taken lightly as they truly know what it takes to be the best.

Let’s take a leaf out of their book!

How can an Olympic mindset help your business

Business owners can take a lot of positive advice from the Olympics and its athletes, as the Olympic mind-set is most certainly an attitude to be reckoned with in the pursuit of success.

Let’s see how…

Olympic mindset: Embracing competition

It is common practice to get competitive in business, and who can blame us? Like Olympic athletes, businesses are constantly pitted off against one another to prove to customers that they should choose their product or service over another – It is the name of the game!

Olympic mindset for your businessUnfortunately, high levels of competition in business can sometimes cause bad blood, gorilla marketing outbursts and destructive rivalries. There are some businesses that let this get the better of them and mould their strategy around what others are doing, whilst others rise above it and maintain their values whilst being mindful of competitor activity in order to stay true to their brand, objectives and identity.

Pre-event athletes and trainers would be foolish to ignore the successful training strategies of others – it has been noted by the BBC that rival nations were recording Britain’s cyclists to try and discover some tricks of the trade. Although it is worth noting that not all training schedules are applicable across the board, helpful methods can be gauged from the observation of others. This only becomes disruptive when other people’s practices start to impede on, and govern, your own because you begin to lose yourself in the process.

In the end, there is a fine balance between copying a competitor and using aspects of their strategy to make yours stronger. Businesses should stay strong to their identity but be mindful of what is occurring in their industry so that they don’t cross the finish line at the back of the pack.

A successful athlete’s focus at the time of competition is unparalleled. They clearly set their goals and do not allow distractions to cloud their vision. Athletes still have their rivalries, of course, but they rarely allow this to impede on their performance – so neither should you as a business. Instead, absorb comments and actions then allow them drive you in order to prove that you are the best in the business.

Olympic mindset: Stay determined

Mind over matter is a term often thrown around by athletes. The basis of this is that your attitude has a large impact on your success. If you have the physical strength, but lack the determined Olympic mindset then you’re not likely to win the gold and vice-versa.Olympic mindset for your business

Inner strength can come from a variety of sources, for example, working hard to be successful for your family or having a few late nights at the office so that you know that you are fully prepared for that big business meeting because you simply want your business to do well.

Whatever your motivation, remembering why you’re doing something and focusing on your objectives with clarity appears to produce golden results. Perseverance and belief in oneself is the key to this one. So make a plan that you can believe in and stick to it through the good and the bad whilst remembering what motivated you to reach for your objective in the first place – The road may change, but the objective remains the same.

“Failure I can live with. Not trying is what I can’t handle” – Sanya Richards-Ross, Olympic 400m Gold Medallist

Olympic mindset: Team work makes the dream work

Throughout history, there have been no great feats achieved by a single person alone.

Whenever you see an athlete win a medal at the Olympics, they humbly pay tribute to those who helped them along the way, or those who have inspired them – It is NEVER a case of ‘it was all me’.

This is because the athletes tend to stay grounded when they make an achievement and realise the efforts of those who have supported them through their journey – From their parents dropping them off at training, to the people that have come to watch them compete. They value their team and this makes them even more determined to make them proud.

Olympic mindset for your businessA lesson can be learned from this in business. Whenever an accomplishment is made, a sale is closed or an award is won, it is only fair to pay your respects to the people that have assisted in making it happen. This makes people feel valued, motivates them to do better and builds an overall more close-knit, supportive team.

Obviously the achievement is yours also, just remember to stay humble, that you didn’t do it alone and consider company victories as an achievement for all!

“We have a heard of gold, and that’s what this medal is right here. It’s a team that will never give up.” – Joey Hagerty, Gymnast

Olympic mindset: Continue to improve

What’s life without a challenge? Olympic athletes strive to break their personal best and once they have achieved that, they set a new, higher bench mark. This is so they can continue to improve their performance and climb their next mountain to be better than ever before.

In business, adopting a continual improvement approach will assist you in making your product or service better, faster and stronger. Sometimes it’s lots of little improvements that make a massive impact.

This could be something as simple as updating your administration processes, adjusting a delivery schedule or reassessing your business energy contracts.

Simple measures such as these have the potential to save your business a lot of money. Reviewing your business energy contracts for example could reduce your bills by 45%. You can do this by getting in contact with an Exchange Utility representative, who will guide you through the complex business energy market to the best deal. The money that you save you are then free to invest back into your business to make other improvements and upgrades.

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Olympic mindset: Conclusion

Whatever your business, we can learn a great deal from the attitude of Olympians. They are the sporting elite and hold the keys success in their field!

So stay embrace competition, stay determined, value your team and continue to improve.

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