How to deal with love in the workplace

How to deal with love in the workplaceLove in the workplace can do incredibly strange things to people.

It can take many forms in your organisation and affect many different areas of your business. Examples include:

  • Love for a co-worker
  • Love for your work
  • Love for working with a particular supplier
  • Or even love for your favourite biro!

The bottom line is, there’s a lot of love flowing around in your workplace and, regardless of what measures you may have enforced to stop it: It cannot be tamed.

However, like it or not, when you love something with such passion, there is almost no doubt that it will eventually cause you problems… Then what do you do?

We’ve developed these tips to help you decide whether you have well and truly found ‘the one’ or if you’re just infatuated with an ideal that’s never going to happen. Let’s begin!

How to deal with love in the workplace: Appreciate the little things

love in the workplaceWhen it comes to love, it is too easy to get wrapped up in negative emotions. This includes feelings such as: self-doubt, envy and depression at getting nowhere.

Fear not! Wonderful little things happen every day and when this involves something that you do love, you can really let it drive you to do more and be more. Not just for yourself but for the item of your admiration also.

Did your gorgeous co-worker get you something that you needed pre-deadline? Fabulous!

Have you just got approval for a project that you’ve been trying to get signed off? Win!

Feeling stocked up and organised? Get started!

Still got ink in your pen? Your life is complete!

All of the above are great little things that you can use to get you through the rest of your day and stay positive. Even if it doesn’t work out in the end, you’ll still have all of those little moments to cherish.

How to deal with love in the workplace: Don’t mistake fantasy for facts

love in the workplaceLove can create a fog around our brains that makes us both act irrationally and consider doing things that are a little out of the ordinary.


An office romance can be fun and exciting, but when issues do arrive and your beloved pen or notepad is starting to get a little rough around the edges. Maybe it’s time to tone it down and concentrate on making progress…

As human-beings, we can sometimes discard facts and block out the full picture because it suits us. When it comes to work, this cannot cloud your vision. You are a professional and have worked too long and hard to allow becoming doe-eyed to prevent you from reaching your targets.

You need to remember that, during working hours, your job comes first so…

Is your hot new assistant constantly late, lazy and missing deadlines? Sack them!

Are you unhappy with the details of a big proposal that you’re presenting? Work on it!

Does your long term supplier keep letting you down on customer service and delivery times? Stop putting it off and find a new one!

Have you chewed your favourite pen to shreds? Throw it away!

How to deal with love in the workplace: Assess the situation thoroughly

It’s difficult when you have to make a decision about an office romance so that it doesn’t affect your work. When doing this, don’t just think about short term gain – Think long term wins! What will put you in the strongest position?

Consider all of the pro’s and con’s before acting on a workplace love in any area. It will help you to stay grounded, make informed decisions and help you to avoid jumping to conclusions.

If it helps, why not make a list to summarise your thoughts?

How to deal with love in the workplace: Know when to call it a day

love in the workplaceAt the end of the day, there is only so much a person can take before things start to get on top of them. You can avoid getting buried alive with negativity by learning when to call it a day.

Does your co-worker crush have a different love interest? Leave them to it.

Is your business not yet willing to invest in the technology that you need to implement your business development plan? Car-park it.

Does your business energy supplier keep overcharging you? Compare tariffs with Exchange Utility to find a better one.

Has your chewed up pen finally ran out of ink? Seriously, throw it away and go to the stationary cupboard to get a new one!

How to deal with love in the workplace: Learn how to move on to something better

Moving on can be an intimidating concept, but you have to be brave!

The only way that we can grow as a person is by not living life in our comfort zone! Say YES, try new things, be adventurous and choose the blue pen instead of the black! The opportunities, when you decide to let go of old issues that have been bogging you down, really are endless!

Also, when you have removed failed romantic escapades from the forefront of your mind, you will be more focused and motivated to get the most out of every day than ever before.

Falling out of love with your business energy supplier?

Business energy suppliers can break our hearts too sometimes…

If they don’t answer your calls for hours on end, neglect you and just don’t give you the love, care and attention that you deserve. Don’t worry. There is a new player in the ring.

They are cool. They are committed. They will treat you as you deserve to be treated!

Exchange Utility is a customer first, business energy comparison service and consultancy and we want to take you out!love in the workplace

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And, since we are gentlemen here: The final decision is always yours. No pressure and no obligation to join us on a first date.

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