Business Energy suppliers in Wales

Discover the options that are available to your business for energy suppliers in Wales by completing a commercial gas and electricity comparison.

You might be surprised by the range of tariff offerings and the amount of money that you could slice off your bill.

How many business energy suppliers are there in Wales?

energy suppliers in walesMost energy suppliers operate within and around Wales. This includes the Big Six as well as smaller, less well-known gas and electricity suppliers.

If you have not chosen a new supplier in quite some time, your energy supply may be with your regions, incumbent supplier.

In North Wales, the incumbent electricity supplier is Scottish Power. In South Wales, the default incumbent electricity supplier is SSE. British Gas is the incumbent gas supplier for the entire area.

energy suppliers in wales

Who is the best business energy supplier in Wales?

Many debate who is the best energy supplier in Wales, but the best way to choose the right supplier for you is to investigate your options first hand.

Historic issues with energy suppliers being less transparent or organised than they should be has resulted in a lot of individuals losing their trust in the energy industry as a whole.

New Ofgem regulations are now fighting to create a clearer, fairer market for everyone. Over the last few years, energy suppliers have made a real effort to adapt to these new standards, which is nothing but good news for energy users.

If you’d like to compare customer service standards for energy providers in Wales, we recommend looking at recent reviews of their services. You can find some useful reviews on platforms such as Trust Pilot, all you have to do is search for the name of your preferred supplier choice.

How to compare energy suppliers in Wales?

energy suppliers in walesYou can review the offerings of up to 14 energy suppliers for your Welsh business with Exchange Utility.

We are an independent comparison service who can also give you the expert advice that you need to make an informed decision and potentially save a small fortune.

You can see some examples of how much we’ve saved businesses like yours on our commercial energy case studies page.

The process is quick and easy. All you have to do is get in touch.

Call 0800 977 7000 or complete our online enquiry form.

energy suppliers in wales

Who regulates business energy providers in Wales?

Ofgem is the regulator for the energy market in Wales and the rest of the UK. Their mission is to help both suppliers and consumers to fix problems and resolve disputes.

Ofgem can also assist suppliers with the following:

Handle consumer complaints
Fulfil social obligations
Provide support for customers
Promote value for money
Promote supply security
Promote sustainability
Deliver government programmes

If you want to know more about Ofgem and how they can help you to resolve an issue with your supplier, visit their website.