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Who is the Right Energy Supplier for Your Business?

finding the best business energy supplier for you

How to find the right energy suppliers for your business

For many businesses, finding ways to save money and cut their overheads is a vitally important operational strategy. However, far too many overlook the potential to make savings on their Business Gas and Electricity supplies.

Here at Exchange Utility, we’ve been helping businesses of all sizes, find the right energy supplier for their small businesses, through to their large businesses so they can save money. On average we’ve been able to save up to 47% for businesses on their gas & electricity bills.

You may begin to feel bombarded by all of the available information put out by each of the business energy suppliers, which may not all make much sense to you.

Energy suppliers all offer different tariffs, additional energy services, and incentives for you to join their customer base, so how do you decide who is the right energy supplier for your business?

As an independent energy supplier comparison service, we believe we must help you get informed without blowing your mind with un-relatable jargon.

When was the last time you updated your business energy contract?

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make regarding their energy is going out of contract.

Business energy contracts usually last for between one and five years, so it’s too easy to miss your deadline. This issue is so widely ignored that the CMA estimates TWO-THIRDS of Big Six consumers are currently on expensive standard tariffs.

If you have not reviewed your business energy needs in a while, it may be beneficial to check your contract end date, as you may be overpaying on your energy prices.

Furthermore, if your contract is finishing in the next couple of months, you may also be able to lock in the best prices for when your current contract terminates, to save you money in the long term.

Compare suppliers and find the right energy supplier for your business

Discover more about the advantages and disadvantages of different tariff types.Find a business energy supplier with Exchange Utility

Where can your business seek independent advice on energy and efficiency?

Your business can seek independent advice on their energy contracts from the following:

Advice on energy efficiency (Energy Savings Trust)

Advice on Government grant schemes (Government Grant Calculator)

Consumer advice (Citizens Advice Bureau)

Industry advice (Ofgem)

If you can’t find the information that you’re looking for, please get in touch with a knowledgeable team member who will be more than happy to assist you: 0800 9777 000

Why do I have to give notice before I terminate my existing energy contract?

The definition of a contract is a written or spoken agreement that is intended to be enforceable by law.

As with any contract, including your employment and phone, it is often part of the terms and conditions when you first sign up that you must give notice. This means that the person providing the contract has time to prepare for your termination and you also have time to prepare a replacement contract where necessary. Termination notice periods do vary depending on the organisation, so it’s worth asking what it is when entering into a new contract.

For more answers and information on business energy, take a look at our business energy guides and commercial energy FAQs or give our expert team a call on 0800 9777 000 if you’re looking for assistance finding a new business energy supplier.