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Environmental Policy

Last Modified: 04th January 2024

The policy of Exchange Utility Ltd is to encourage respect for the environment and the adoption of an environmentally responsible attitude in the fulfilment of business objectives. Exchange Utility Ltd is committed to reducing our impact on the natural environment and taking action on climate change. The pursuit of this policy requires Exchange Utility Ltd to focus attention on the following key principles:

Environmental Legislation – Exchange Utility Ltd complies with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, codes of practice, and other regulations to which it subscribes.

Management System – Exchange Utility Ltd has implemented an environmental management system. We have set environmental Objectives and targets and we monitor performance, to enable continual improvement.

Communication – Exchange Utility Ltd promotes awareness amongst employees (and where applicable sub-contractors) of the importance of environmental issues to the business and the environmental impact of the business activities. This Policy is available to the public and stakeholders.

Resources and Materials – Exchange Utility Ltd will conserve resources and materials, and manage their use efficiently, through the implementation of waste minimisation programmes, and by encouraging the use of recycled materials, where appropriate.

Operation of the Business – Exchange Utility Ltd operates the business efficiently, with due consideration for environmental, social and economic impacts and values, and our relative competitive position.

A high value will be placed on the control and improvement of environmental performance, and the prevention of pollution.

The environmental impact of significant changes to processes is assessed as part of the approval process.

Signed: Kelly Ivison
Print: Kelly Ivison
Title: Director
Date: 04/01/2024