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Sustainability Policy

Last Modified: 04th January 2024

Health, safety and well-being

We will ensure that Exchange Utility Ltd is a safe and healthy place to work by:

  • Reducing and eliminating risk in the workplace so far as is reasonably practicable through
    monitoring our performance and implementation of best practice
  • Implementing initiatives across the group to ensure the health, safety and mental wellbeing of our employees
  • Committing to the continual improvement of the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of

the occupational health and safety management system

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions in line with Government targets and
will continue to reduce our emissions by:

  • Implementing targets to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption
  • Switching our electricity supplies to a renewable tariff
  • Improving the efficiency of our owned buildings
  • Using water efficiently, recycling where possible and protecting water quality
  • Monitoring our waste streams and adopting the waste hierarchy

Quality and product innovation

We will ensure the highest standards of quality and product innovation by:

  • Engaging with our stakeholders to encourage the use of products and services which will
    improve ours and our customer’s sustainability performance
  • Implementing a quality management system which allows Exchange Utility Ltd to monitor, evaluate and improve performance
  • Harnessing the creativity and commitment of all our staff to achieve the business and strategic objectives

Resource use and the circular economy

We will conserve natural resources by:

  • Using resources appropriately and sustainably and, where possible, substituting primary
    resources with alternatives
  • Adopting the waste hierarchy of waste prevention, reuse of materials, recycling and recovery before considering disposal
  • Developing and bringing products to market that will have a positive impact on everyday life

Fairness, inclusion and respect

We will be a fair, respectful and inclusive company, encouraging a culture that values openness
and transparency and recognises individual achievement by:

  • Striving for the fair treatment of all our employees
  • Valuing our workforce and, by recruiting, selecting and developing our employees to ensure they are appropriately skilled and competent to carry out their roles
  • Committing to the consultation and participation of workers

Community engagement

We are committed to making a positive contribution to the local communities close to our
facilities and ensuring transparent communication to our stakeholders by:

  • Ensuring commitment to continually improve the social value our organisation is creating
  • Identifying and consulting with local community stakeholders close to our operations
  • Implementing a programme of employee volunteering and charity days to work on community projects
  • Providing employment, and economic activity using local sourcing and local businesses where possible, and ensuring our business is built on the basis of responsible practices.

Signed: Kelly Ivison
Print: Kelly Ivison
Title: Director
Date: 04/01/2024