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*Average savings of 45% can be achieved when compared to your current energy suppliers standard out of contract rates

Compare commercial gas rates

A commercial gas comparison can reduce the cost of your commercial gas by comparing tariffs and energy suppliers.

By comparing through us, you can discover the options available to you from a range of business gas suppliers and can find all of the tips and tricks that you need to lower the cost of your commercial gas and electricity.

What affects commercial gas and electricity rates

There are a range of factors that can affect commercial gas and electricity rates. If you have gone out of contract, your supplier may have placed you onto a standard rate tariff, which leaves your business vulnerable to market price changes.

Factors that could affect the cost of your commercial gas and electricity could be any of the following:

The weather
Resource availability
Market reforms
World events

Avoid feeling the impact of these business gas and electricity market changes by comparing with Exchange Utility and securing a fixed price commercial gas or electricity tariff.

You can also learn more about what affects the cost of your business energy here

Why should I compare commercial gas and electricity rates?

More than 1.2 million UK businesses are still overpaying their energy supplier by an estimated £500 million. Avoid being part of this and don’t get placed onto a more expensive standard rate tariff by reviewing your commercial gas and electricity contracts today.

You can compare in a matter of minutes and could save a fortune for your business.

Having trouble with your business energy supplier?

If you are unhappy with your business energy supplier, you are not alone. You have the option to seek advice from resources such as Ofgem and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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