Energy Saving Advice For Health Care Services

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Cost Effective Energy Savings Health Care Services and Practitioners

Cost effective energy saving is to become an essential part of business and can assist in saving money as well as reducing environmental impact. Consumers demand it, the government encourages it and you should do it for both your health practices and patients welfare.

A Few Facts About Energy in the Health Sector

Energy is one of the biggest overheads

Private consumers are showing a preference towards more environmentally friendly organisations

Creating energy saving can lead to lower costs and an increase in your customer base

Environmental and energy saving project stories are a hot topic with the press. Gain recognition for your business by becoming environmentally friendly

“Energy efficient building provide better indoor conditions for patients and staff” – Carbon Trust

Identify What You Use to Learn How to Save

The image (right) shows the typical energy consumption of a hospital. It highlights where these organisations are spending the money on their energy.

It also helps healthcare practitioners to pinpoint where energy saving tactics need to be implemented to achieve savings.

Of course, not ever Health Care organisation will have the same energy usage, but it does go some way to showing just how far and wide a buildings energy usage can stretch.

Knowing and understanding this can go some way to helping you pinpoint weak areas of your own properties where energy savings could be made.

Health Care Services and Practitioners – Get Energy Smart and Cut Back Energy Usage

Tip 1: Review Your Temperature Controls

Lowering your air conditioning by just 1C in the summer could reduce your energy bills by up to 8% Reducing your heating by 1C could save you over £100 per year.

Likewise, if you were to lower the heating by just 1C over the winter, you may not even notice the difference, but you could achieve similar savings in the winter too.

Tip 2: Save Energy and Money on Lighting

By ensuring your lights are turned off overnight when not in use, you could potentially make around £1000 per year in savings.

Where possible, you should also look into replacing your old bulbs for LED lighting. These modern bulbs can help you to achieve additional savings as they are far more efficient than older, more conventional bulbs.

Tip 3: Check Your Health Care Services Energy Bills

If it’s been a while since you last looked at your energy bills, now is the time to take a look at them again.

The Competition Markets Authority has estimated that there over 1.3 million businesses who are overpaying on their energy contracts. As a result, these businesses are overpaying the energy companies to the tune of approximately £500 million each year! A huge sum of money we’re sure you’ll agree.

This overspend can be due to a number of reasons, including selecting inappropriate tariffs or allowing your business to go out of contract – which results in you being placed onto more costly tariffs.

To avoid this happening to your Health Care Services and potentially stop overpaying and beginning making savings up to 36% on your business energy spend. Fill in the form at the top of this page, or alternatively, call our friendly team today on 0800 977 7000 to find out just how much you could potentially be saving, if you switch energy suppliers!