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Energy Saving Advice for Gyms and Fitness Centres

Dedicated tips and advice on saving energy and money on your energy bills within gyms and fitness centres, all whilst helping to keep your customers and members fit and healthy…

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How to save money on gym’s energy bills

Some of the biggest challenges in modern times are the energy crises and the astronomical rise in obesity in both adults and children – 20% of the entire UK population is now estimated to fall into the obese bracket and we are now the fattest nation in Europe.

This is where gyms have a BIG part to play in making a change in society and leading us all to a brighter future.

How gyms and fitness centres can tackle rising energy costs

energy saving in gyms

Fitness centres promote good nutrition and regular exercise, so, how do we use this to help us tackle another major crisis too?

We’ve put together this list of energy consumption reduction tips to help you tackle this issue, save yourself some money and make yourself an attractive concept to any aspiring gym-goers.

5 Tips to reduce energy consumption for gyms

Saving money on your gyms’ and fitness centre’s energy bills is possible by making some small changes to your business. Hopefully, our tips will help give you some inspiration for making savings within your business and potentially seeing where else you could save even more.

1. Reduce the cost of running your computers

Computers are an essential part of any business, including gyms and fitness centres. They are at the centre of our CRM databases and we would quite frankly be lost or buried in paperwork without them.

Tips to help you to reduce the amount of energy your computers use:

✔ Reduce the brightness of your computer monitor to save up to 20% of the energy that it uses.
✔ Remove your screensavers: Having a screensaver keeps your monitor brighter for longer when you are not using it, meaning that it wastes valuable energy.
✔ Use smart extension leads with inset timers to turn all of your equipment off at closing time.
✔ Turn off your monitors overnight: If left on, you could waste enough energy to print 500 pages according to the Energy Saving Trust.

You may also find our tips on reducing the cost of running your business computers useful too.

2. Water-efficient shower heads

energy saving in gyms

New water-efficient shower heads use technology that can produce water flows that feel far higher than they actually are, so you don’t have to compromise on experience.

They are most effective on power and mixer showers with a high flow rate. However, please remember that you should not attach a low-flow shower head to an electric shower as this could cause possible damage to your shower unit – Energy Saving Trust.

3. Lighting efficiency

Good lighting is essential for your gym if you want to avoid taking the accident book out on a regular basis. If you’ve ever wondered if you should switch energy providers at your gym. The good news is that you no longer have to compromise brightness in order to use energy-efficient alternatives.

Exchanging all of your traditional lightbulbs with more efficient lighting solutions could save you £3 per bulb, per year from a reduction in the amount of energy that they use and the fact that they often last longer than their alternatives, so you have to buy fewer bulbs.

4. Heating efficiency

If your gym uses electric heaters, you are automatically creating twice as much greenhouse gas and spending up to three times more (on average) on running these types of heaters, compared to standard central heating.

You can also potentially save money on your gym heating by reducing the temperature of your thermostat. Reducing this by just one degree could save you over £100 each year on average.

5. Energy-generating gym equipment

energy saving in gymsUpgrading your gym equipment to modern, energy-generating machinery can cost a lot in the short term, but will benefit your business in the long term.

Some of the benefits of upgrading gym equipment include:

✔ Eco-friendly gym equipment can harness the energy generated by the person using the equipment to power the displays on the machines.
✔ Some eco-friendly gym equipment will also allow you to feed any additional energy created back into the building. Helping to power things like lights, heating and air conditioning.

Should I switch energy providers at a gym or fitness centre?

Energy consumption reduction techniques are useful, but they can sometimes cost you more than you are prepared to pay to implement.

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At Exchange Utility, we’re working to combat unnecessarily high energy costs for businesses in every sector, including Gyms and Fitness Centres, by providing a business energy comparison service.

No matter whether your business operates in multiple different industries or you’re just interested to see what other helpful energy savings tips our team have been able to come up with. Take a look at our other business energy-saving advice for more tips and inspiration to use within your business.

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