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How to save money on educational facility’s energy bills

Pressure has begun building throughout the entire UK for all businesses and public services to become more environmentally friendly in order to reach 2020 Carbon reduction targets – This includes education facilities.

5 facts on energy usage at school and other educational facilities

  1. More pupils mean higher energy usage and higher demand for resources
  2. Education budgets are already being reduced and stretched
  3. The total annual energy consumption of the UK schools sector is 11,378 million kWh. This equates to 25% of the total public sector energy costs
  4. School energy costs are estimated to increase to £652m per year, and this is predicted to rise still further (www.gov.uk)
  5. The average cost of energy per school is £27,000, although secondary schools energy bills can be over £80,000 (www.gov.uk)

The unfortunate truth of the situation is that energy is one of the biggest business overheads and as student numbers are expected to rise, facilities are struggling to find money to cover the cost.

3-Step education facility development plan

At Exchange Utility, we care about saving your education facility money and have therefore developed a three-pronged attack for you to follow to reduce your energy spend.

Below are three steps to this plan which will help you to educate everybody within your educational facility to bring them on board with both the steps to save energy and the reasons why you’re doing it.

1. Educate students

Educating your students about the importance of reducing the amount of energy they use is becoming an essential part of keeping your energy costs down and building a more environmentally friendly future for the planet as a whole – You never know, the person who could invent the idea behind the next groundbreaking energy generating technology could be one of YOUR pupils. So inspire your students to care about their usage and get them into good habits in and around your school. You can even introduce an energy-saving project for students to get them involved with school energy efficiency.

2. Empower staff

Getting your teachers and support staff involved in creating standards and routines that result in savings is essential. Allow them to investigate, source and implement energy efficiency measures and inspire them to adopt an energy-saving checklist for the end of the day so you know they aren’t wasting electricity, gas and cash out of hours.

If you’re unsure of how to get started, check through our end of the day energy saving checklist.

3. Evaluate your education facility contracts

It is estimated that 1.2 million UK businesses are overpaying for their business energy and utilities, resulting in suppliers accumulating excess profits of over £500m. There are many reasons that you may be overcharged on your energy contract, these include going out of contract and rolling onto a higher-priced tariff or simply being on the wrong tariff to suit your operation hours.

At Exchange Utility, we can use our long-term business energy supplier relationships to get you a better deal on your business energy. We compare a range of tariffs from UK energy suppliers to find you the best deal at the right price without the hassle of having to jump from supplier to supplier.

All you need to get started and see how much you can save is a recent gas and/or electricity bill.

cost effective energy saving for schools

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At Exchange Utility, we’re working to combat unnecessarily high energy costs for businesses in every sector, including Religious Buildings and Centres, by providing a business energy comparison service.

No matter whether your organisation operates in multiple different industries or you’re just interested to see what other helpful energy savings tips our team have been able to come up with. Take a look at our other business energy-saving advice for more tips and inspiration to use within your business.

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