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Business energy meter installation

Are you having a business energy meter installed? Whether it’s because you’re moving into a new property or you need an old meter updating an energy meter is required in your property. If you’re struggling to find out the best way to get a business energy meter installed, this guide is here to help.

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What meters are available for businesses?

Single-rate meters – With a single rate meter you will be billed at a single rate for the electricity consumed, regardless of time or day of the week. This will be beneficial to consumers who use their electricity during the day, in places like schools or offices.

Two-rate meters – This is a meter that will provide two dates depending on the day and time it is consumed. The day and night rate seen on these meters usually have cheaper rates during the night. Users would need to plan when to use appliances such as washing machines so they can save money long-term.

Three-rate meters – The three-rate meter is a meter that provides three different prices. These prices are Evening, Weekend and Night unit prices.

Half-hourly meters – A type of meter reading system that uses AMR (automatic meter reading) to provide a more accurate electricity reading. This system relies on a fixed line which sends updated readings to your energy supplier every half hour.

Multi-site meters – These allow businesses with multiple premises or those who have high usage to help manage their usage through one contract.

Why you need a business energy meter:

Monitor energy use – It goes without saying that you should always monitor your business energy usage. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, if you monitor your energy usage you can begin to understand the costs involved in business energy. Secondly, monitoring your usage will allow you to reduce your consumption and therefore your overall cost.

Improve business energy consumption – Having a business energy monitor will allow you to improve your business’s overall energy costs. In turn this will reduce your business’s carbon footprint and help your companies’ green initiatives.

Prevents your being overcharged – An energy meter ensures that your bills are accurate, so you won’t be overcharged for your business electricity and gas.

What energy meter is best for a business?

There are no one-size fits all energy meter that is perfect for your business. It is down to you to understand which would be the best for your business. The size, location, type of company and your operating hours should all come into account when finding the best meter for your business. 

Get a meter installation through us 

Each business is different, and there are lots of factors that come into play when selecting the right meter for your business. If you want a new meter and need help with organising a meter installation then we’re here to help.

To organise a new meter through us you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Arrange a site works visit through DNO/National Grid
  • Get into contact with us via phone on 0800 977 7000
  • We will provide you with a quote
  • Arrange a date for installation

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Business energy contract due to renew? Call us on 0800 9777 000 or fill in our energy quote form to see how much you could save…