How Commercial Building Contractors can add value to each business customer without charging more

commercial building contractors can add value through Exchange Utility partnershipsWhether you’re a big or small commercial building contractor involved in new builds, renovation, restoration or refurbishments, everyone knows that it can be too easy for projects to go adrift. This could be due to delayed deliveries, a flaw in planning or the lack of a specification – Whatever the cause, time is money in the building world.

What if there was a way that you could generate some extra income to safeguard against or partially cover any potential drains on profit, without the need to renegotiate pricing with the customer?

There is….

Why commercial building contractors are in the ideal position to add value to projects

  • You may not know it, but behaviourally, builders and contractors work with a lot of consumers that are in a “developmental frame of mind” – hence the building project – this means that they are open to change and often willing to try new things.
  • Commercial building contractors often have access to the decision maker that manages the needs of the business premises e.g. office manager, CEO or director. This means that there is a direct line of contact to the individual that can allow you to develop the commercial building project into an even more successful venture.
  • You can provide the business customer with added value by giving them the capacity to save money, whilst also giving yourself an additional revenue stream.

commercial building contractors can add value through Exchange Utility partnerships 2What do you suggest to add value to commercial building projects I work on?

To add value and simultaneously save your business customer money, you need to find an avenue that applies to all business but does not require a high level of commitment so you can continue doing what you do best – Construction.

Exchange Utility can provide you with this avenue via a generous and flexible energy lead generation partnership. Apply online

What level of commitment is expected from my commercial construction company?

The only involvement that is required by your company to implement this type of business energy partnership is either obtaining a few gas and electricity billing details or a copy of recent energy bills from the customer.

Backed by a team of business energy specialists, we will then conduct a comparison for the customer on your behalf, securing the best options that we have available in the current market.

Providing the customer selects one of these options, you will then receive an income based on the sale, when the contract goes live.

How to get started on adding value to commercial building projects

Get in touch: 0161 674 9930commercial building contractors can add value through Exchange Utility partnerships

We have a specialist team on standby to get you started on increasing the earning potential of your commercial construction projects via a business energy lead generation partnership.

Head of partnerships, Grant Jackson, will be the main point of contact during your enquiry and induction stage. He will welcome you into the Exchange Utility family and discuss your options, whilst giving you all of the support that you need to create a fully functional revenue stream.

Get in touch with Grant today:

LinkedIn: Grant Jackson


Apply online

What support will I receive with a business energy lead generation partnership?

When you’re set up and ready to go, you will be appointed a dedicated partnership manager to handle any queries that you have.

With each set of details you secure, your partnership team will provide the business customer with a timely and independent comparison and process all necessary paperwork to complete any business energy supplier or tariff transfers.

Once the business gas and/ or electricity contract has gone live, you will then receive payment!

It’s that simple.

Call 0161 674 9930 or apply online today.

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