Cut energy costs by taking control of your energy contracts

Cut energy costs by taking control of contractsNational Cut Energy Costs Day (10th January) is the perfect time to make time to assess your current energy contracts to make sure you are paying the right rates for your business.

It is critical for any business that costs are kept to a minimum and should be thoroughly evaluated each year to make sure that overheads are not rising uncontrollably. Business energy is a huge example of how businesses can see costs rise extensively if prices are not managed so it is imperative that you are aware of these outgoings.

However, according to research from The Telegraph, of the 760 senior managers surveyed, two-thirds were in the dark about how their firm bought energy and 46% were clueless about their business’s energy costs, despite almost one-fifth of those who did know admitting spending more than £250,000 a year.

Without careful monitoring of tariffs and renewal windows, customers find themselves being rolled over onto variable tariffs and are now overpaying by as much as £5.4 billion a year. Cut energy costs by regulating energy rates and by appointing someone within your business to take control.

How can I better control my energy prices to cut energy costs?

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For many commercial energy buyers, prices can fluctuate half-hourly which means a lack of insight into pricing really can have a detrimental effect on businesses. The survey found that 1/5 of businesses spend more than £250,000 on energy a year and 54% of those businesses had “no idea at all” who was responsible for their energy management.

Of course, there are things that can be done about rising energy costs if businesses can identify the value in what could essentially be a few minutes of someone’s time. National Cut Energy Costs Day is a great opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and allocate someone within the business to manage these costs. A simple understanding of energy rates and peak times when energy is most frequently used can make huge strides in conserving and lowering costs.

Consultancies such as Exchange Utility assist in giving independent impartial advice on the market, as well as ways to reduce costs within your business and which tariffs are best suited for your consumption. We can also handle your switch over so that you don’t have the time consuming task of speaking to suppliers and arranging it yourself. Perhaps even more usefully, we can arrange to contact you in your renewal window to stop you from rolling over onto higher variable rates and to make sure your energy bills are always cost effective year on year.

We can also provide a range of services to help monitor your energy use such as water audit validations, energy reports and real time usage monitoring.

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