Energy saving in religious centres

Energy is one of the biggest overheads for religious centres and when there are so many options available to reduce this cost, it only makes sense to take action.

The key to identifying opportunities to create energy savings lies in awareness. Be aware of when and where the most gas and electricity is being used in your religious building. Religious buildings tend to have high ceilings and vast open spaces; therefore a massive contributor to the cost of your energy is likely to be heating and lighting.

You can implement cost effective energy saving measures to save your organisation a fantastic amount of money, which you can then reinvest in community projects or the preservation of your building.

religious buildings energy saving

Five recommendations for energy cost reduction in religious centres

  • Review your temperature control: Reducing your air conditioning by 1C could reduce your energy bills by 8%.
  • religious centresSimilarly, reducing your heating by 1C could save you over £100 per year
  • Replace electric heaters with central heating to reduce your heating spend by up to two thirds
  • Save on lighting: Ensuring lights are switched off at the end of the day could save you £1,000 per year. Also, replacing standard bulbs with LED bulbs could save you £3 per bulb per year
  • Make sure you switch off: According to the Rainforest Alliance (2015) by simply switching off your plugs and powering down businesses could cut their consumption by 40%

Review your religious centre energy contracts

It’s estimated that 1,200,000 UK businesses are overpaying their energy supplier – Some by 80%. This is due to organisations going out of contract or being on the wrong energy tariff for their business.

Review your organisation’s energy contracts to discover easy savings today. You could save 40% on your bill spend by doing this alone!

It doesn’t take long, and we will take care of all of the paperwork for you.

Get started below or call 0800 9777 000 and speak to a friendly energy expert.

religious buildings energy saving

Could your religious centre be owed an energy VAT return?religious centres

Many religious centres can be classed as charitable/non-profit organisations. These organisations should only pay a VAT rate of 5% on their energy, but could possibly be paying up to the standard rate of 20%.

If it is uncovered that your charity is entitled to a VAT return we can arrange the recovery of these funds with your supplier – Even if you’ve switched – for up to four years. Get in touch for more details.