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Energy Suppliers Drop Prices Due to Wholesale Energy Cost – Now 10 Year Low

Please note: This article was first published in 2016. If you’re looking to make savings on your business energy bills. We can help you to find a new energy supplier for your business. Get in touch with our business energy experts to learn more.

According to the ICIS Power Index, gas prices are at their lowest price for a decade and electricity prices are closely following suit, as they are experiencing a nine-year low!

This news comes to light as the Big Six energy firms collectively cut bills by in excess of 5% this year – there was, however, no change in electricity charges.

This welcomed price drop can be attributed to several factors including the UK experiencing milder winters and the reduction in oil costs. The emergence and growth of TPIs into the market is also assisting in driving general energy bill costs down for businesses. Companies like Exchange Utility use the accumulative buyer power of their business customers to negotiate better tariffs.

Wholesale costs make up just short of 45% of a typical dual fuel bill according to the BBC so the savings might not be as substantial as you may have originally thought. It is, however a step in the right direction for the energy giants.

E.ON was the first to cut gas prices for their customers. Their prices were reduced by 5% and changes came into effect on the 1st of February this year. This has been the catalyst that has encouraged the other big energy suppliers to follow suit to the delight of the consumer.

Which energy supplier should I choose?

If all energy suppliers drop their prices then they’re all offering the same right? WRONG!

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