Healthcare Practitioners Healthy Money Management

Are healthcare practitioners in need of energy saving?

As is the case with most UK businesses, energy and utility costs are one of the biggest bills that owners of health practices need to contend with. With more and more practices being given the green light to become self-managing and independent it only makes sense to take control of these costs for the welfare of your business, as well as your patients.

“Energy efficient buildings provide better indoor conditions for patients and staff” [Carbon Trust]

Healthcare Practitioners Healthy Money Management

Creating energy saving potential for your business makes reputational sense. Consumers are showing a preference towards more environmentally friendly organisations meaning it could lead to an increase your customer base, therefore your earning potential.

Environmental project stories also make great news, so as far as raising awareness of your business is concerned energy saving could be a winning tactic in getting into the press.

Where can healthcare practitioners save energy?

healthcare practitioner energy saving
Identifying where your energy is being used can be a key factor in discovering ways to save it.

The end of use energy consumption of a hospital, displayed in figure one, highlights where these organisations are spending the most money on their energy. It also helps healthcare practitioners to pinpoint where energy saving tactics need to be implemented to achieve savings.

The three tier prescription to making energy savings

Reducing the cost of heating at your healthcare service

It isn’t widely known that big savings can be made through minor changes. For example, lowering your air conditioning by just 1C in the summer could reduce your energy bills by up to 8%.

On the reverse side, during the colder times of year you can save by reducing the temperature on the thermostat by just one degree. This approximately saves £85 – 90 annually for a three bed semi-detached home, according to the Energy Saving Trust. Imagine what savings these sort of results could yield for your health practice…

Save energy and money on lighting

healthcare practitioner energy savingJust one light being left on overnight for over a year creates a similar amount of greenhouse gases as a car trip from Cambridge to Paris. This measure can hand you potential savings of £1000 per year just from ensuring all lights are switched off.

Furthermore, if you want to go the length of upgrading your lighting, by replacing standard bulbs with LEDs you could save £3 per bulb per year!

There’s a bright idea.

Review your business energy contracts

Many business owners and healthcare practitioners throughout the UK still fail to pay attention to their energy and utility contracts. This is a BIG mistake and can result in overpaying suppliers, being on more expensive tariffs than necessary and being left to suffer the consequences of a fluctuating energy market.

By joining Exchange Utility, you can avoid all of the above and feel secure in the knowledge that you don’t have to deal with your business energy contracts alone. Our business energy experts are here to help businesses like yours lower their costs and realise their saving potential.

Get started, get in touch! All you need is a copy of your recent energy bills and you’re set to be paying less on a better business energy contract.

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Healthcare Practitioners Healthy Money Management