How much power is being generated by UK offshore wind farms?

Wind turbines are making waves in UK wind power generation

offshore wind farms

Exciting times are here for renewable energy and wind power in the UK.

In December 2011 Ørsted (previously DONG Energy) gained a 33.3% stake in two offshore wind projects – Hornsea One and Hornsea Two – situated off the coast of Yorkshire.

These wind power projects are unlike anything the UK has seen before and when completed will become the world’s largest off shore wind farms respectively.

Hornsea One will be completed first and will span a boastful 407km (almost 5 times the size of the city of Hull) and generate a staggering 1.2GW. Taking over from Cumbria’s 0.65GW Walney Extension off shore wind farm to be crowned largest in the world.  

Standing an impressive 190 meters above sea level, each of the 174 7MW wind turbines will be able to power a British home or small business for a day with just one rotation. 

This venture is expected to reach completion by 2020, which aligns perfectly with the deadline for Government climate change targets and wind turbines producing enough electricity to power 1 million homes. 

In 2022, the scheduled completion of Hornsea Two, the second of Ørsted’s huge offshore projects will take over the title of world’s largest wind farm from Hornsea One. Together, the two farms will contain enough wind turbines to power over 2.3 million UK homes. 

How much energy is generated by wind power in the UK?

offshore wind farms

Previous to the Hornsea projects, wind power was generating enough energy to meet 10% of UK needs.

However, with Hornsea One capable of generating enough power to energise over 1 million homes, and Hornsea Two becoming fully operational to provide a further 1.4 GW of energy, renewable is about to be given a significant boost.

Given that there are approximately 25 million homes within the UK, the 2.6 gigawatts of energy provided by the two projects alone will cater for 9.2% of domestic usage, almost doubling the original percentage.

“It is ground-breaking and innovative, powering more homes than any offshore wind farm currently in operation,” said Brent Cheshire, Dong Energy’s UK country chairman.

“To have the world’s biggest ever offshore wind farm located off the Yorkshire coast is hugely significant, and highlights the vital role offshore wind will play in the UK’s need for new low-carbon energy.”

What about renewable energy for businesses?

offshore wind farms

The UK already hosts seven of the ten biggest wind farms in Europe and these two huge projects will further demonstrate our government’s commitment to renewable energy investment for both business use and household usage. 

It’s a hot topic right now and there are certainly many reasons why becoming more green in business can be fantastic for your bottom line. Read our 5 benefits to becoming eco-friendly to find out more.  

There are many other suppliers alongside Ørsted that are working to provide energy from renewable sources such as Scottish Power and EDF, but which supplier is right for your business? 

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