Leading from the front – Learning and Development (L&D) programs

Here at Exchange Utility, we have always placed a substantial emphasis on the learning and development (L&D) tools we deploy to evolve our teams.

From the greenest apprentice to the oldest hands, the need for continual development has been at the core of our ethos since we first opened our doors. It’s ingrained into our DNA as a business.

So in 2018 when we decided to pursue a workplace accreditation for our Learning and Development (L&D) programs, we needed to find an award that not only recognised past achievements in team development but also played an active role in our future programs.

The Princess Royal Training Award is the perfect celebration of what we’ve achieved and what we will go on to achieve. It’s more than a symbol to be cut-and-pasted into an email footer. It’s a commitment to excellence that permeates throughout the business, with L&D leading the way.  

Shahid receiving the Princess Royal Training Award from Princess Anne

The Alumni network

One of the most compelling aspects of the Princess Royal Training Awards is the Alumni network, an open invitation to a series of nationwide events in which leading L&D practitioners share their experience with award applicants and fellow Alumni.

Our Head of L&D and Sales Operations at Exchange Utility, Shahid Shami, was recently invited to speak at a Princess Royal Training Awards Alumni event in central Manchester. Alongside representatives of UKFast and Brother UK, Shahid shared how Exchange Utility’s coaching environment has increased employee performance and engagement. 

Shahid said of the event:

“It’s great to be involved with the Princess Royal Training Awards Alumni network, not only as an L&D practitioner but as a member of a leadership team. You’re exposed to ways of thinking and training methodologies that might not be obvious in your own sector or area of expertise, but will almost certainly add value to your L&D team and its approach.”

If you feel that your business would benefit from L&D insight delivered by business leaders from a range of UK industries, you can find out more about the Princess Royal Training Awards on their website: https://www.princessroyaltrainingawards.com/

Princess Training Award