New business energy contract: What happens next?

New business energy contractWhen you choose a new business energy contract – if you get a good deal – it can leave you quite excited about how much you’re saving or about dealing with a supplier that is a little less difficult than your last one… but what happens next…

You will not notice much difference when you start a new business energy contract, although, you may have questions about what to look for and what you need to do if things go wrong.

How long should it take for a new business energy contract to begin?

new business energy contract Switching to a new business energy supplier can take up to three weeks.

After choosing a new provider, you should receive some form of notification from them to inform you that your contract is now active.

It’s been more than three weeks since I switched, what do I do?

If you chose a new business energy contract over three weeks ago and still haven’t heard from your new supplier, then you need to get in touch with the provider that is meant to be handling your transition.

– This could be the supplier that you are switching to or a comparison service that you have used.

This provider should give you a status update or an explanation as to why your contract hasn’t yet been activated.

Will the connection to my business be interrupted?

new business energy contract Switching business gas and electricity providers and starting a new energy contract will not result in your premises connection being interrupted.

Transitioning to a new supplier doesn’t actually involve any form of major works as the pipes and connections to your business are owned and maintained by your areas distribution company.

Will my meter be changed if I switch supplier?

When you switch business energy suppliers, your meters will only be changed if you would like them to be. There are three types of meters that UK businesses use:

  • Single rate meters: These meters are used for tariffs that charge a consistent rate per Kilowatt Hour (KwH)
  • Multiple rate meters: These meters take two recordings for your supplier so that your bill can be calculated on separate day and night rates per KwH
  • Pre-payment meters: Often used by those who struggle to budget, pre-payment meters need to be topped up so that you have paid for your energy before use

new business energy contract Who will take my meter reading when I switch energy supplier?

When you switch energy supplier, as soon as your contract is active, your new provider will hence forth be responsible for your meter readings.

Suppliers often ask for a final reading when you switch so that they can accurately bill you for the last time. You may also be asked to read your meter for your supplier – This is not necessarily a bad thing as you can keep readings for your own reference in case of any future billing discrepancies.

What if I change my mind about switching supplier?

When you choose a new business energy contract, you have 14 days to change your mind.

During this time you’re free to look for an even better business energy deal or to cancel your transition entirely so that you remain with the same supplier.

However, we always recommend that you review what a range of suppliers are willing to offer your business before you agree a contract.

Start a comparison today to check you’re on the best deal for your business

Having difficulty switching business energy supplier?

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