Nine out of ten energy consumers choose price over sustainability

British energy consumers choose cheaper bills

A recent study by Echo Managed Services has revealed that British energy consumers might not be as environmentally conscious as some may have thought, due to the fact most are still putting price above sustainable practices.

How many UK energy consumers choose sustainability over price?

energy consumers choose price over sustainability

It has been discovered that only one in ten energy consumers consider ethical or sustainable credentials as the main factor when thinking about switching gas or electricity supplier.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that ethical activities are a turn off for UK energy consumers. Around 12% of the 1,000 people that were surveyed said they would be more likely to be drawn towards an energy supplier with corporate social responsibility – even if this means they are a little most costly.

This leaves 88% of UK energy consumers putting price first.

What other factors are energy consumers considering before choosing a new supplier?

British energy consumers appear to be starting to become less accepting of the scandals we’ve seen in the energy market over recent years. 16% of the people surveyed claimed they would switch energy providers if their current gas or electricity supplier became involved in a public scandal.

energy consumers choose price over sustainability

Even more consumers are starting to protest against substandard levels of customer service too. A third of the people surveyed said they would now change suppliers if they experienced poor service standards. This is great news for the industry as a whole. The fewer consumers accept bad standards and do something about it, the more suppliers will act on improving their customer experience and perks.

Energy consumers are getting savvier than ever before. Energy is now a regular topic in the news and people are keeping their ear to the ground for what they can do to reduce their bills. With more and more people doing this, it’s no wonder that one-fifth of people stated that they would switch if advised to do so by experts in the media.

What is the main factor that affects energy supplier choice?

The winning factor that entices UK energy consumers into switching supplier is the price.

After 61% of the people surveyed said they would switch suppliers to avoid price rises.

Although price came out on top, it is not the only factor that needs to be considered by suppliers when they are trying to win new customers. Suppliers need to be conscious of how consumers perceive them by providing quality services alongside value.

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What is the best way to switch energy supplier?

energy consumers choose price over sustainability

If you’re one of the 61% of people who put price first, comparing gas and electricity rates is always a good place to start when looking for a great deal – This way you can get a decent picture at the pricing options that you have to choose from.

We have a range of supplier and tariff options for you to explore so you can make an informed decision on the next contract for your business premises.

If you are a sustainability-conscious energy consumer then why not have a look at our supplier pages and learn more about how each operates, then compare tariffs. That way you get the sustainable supplier that you desire at a great price.