Top 10 tips on How to Save Energy at Work

Discover how to save energy at work

Top 10 tips on How to Save Energy at WorkAre you looking to save energy at work?

With more focus nowadays on reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency to help the environment, employer engagement can be key to helping this in the workplace.

Everybody at work can play their part to become more energy efficient although it is not too easy to get people more engaged in saving energy at work, particularly when this is not deemed to be a top priority task in most instances.

Almost half of the UK’s energy use comes from the places where we work and learn so people need to learn to make many of the same green choices to their workplace as they currently do at home. There are plenty of ways to show employees or colleagues how they can individually make a big difference to save energy.

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Exchange Utility have gathered these ten tips on how to save energy at work and compiled them into a handy info-graphic which you can find below.

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