School budget cuts – Could energy saving measures help?

The School Budget Cuts Power StruggleSince the last election, school budget cuts have been a hot topic. They have had an effect on various UK services nationwide such as education and healthcare. This has resulted in a power struggle against the cuts, forcing government ran and subsidised facilities to drastically rethink their spending habits.

The BBC Reports: “The think tank’s pre-election report, based on parties’ spending pledges, says schools face up to 12% in real-terms cuts over the next parliament.” (March 2015)

department of education spending cutsThis is of massive concern to those responsible for school spending as the sector is already struggling to cope with an increase in the number of pupils and a rise in teacher pay and pensions.

It’s estimated that the overall shortfall for the Department of Education will amount to £600 million in 2015/16 and continue to rise to in excess of £4,000,000,000 by 2018/19.

How to counteract school budget cuts

Exchange Utility cares about the education of young people and understands that learning facilities need a solution, fast! In the current economic environment, schools cannot afford to be overcharged on their gas, electricity and water. Therefore we’re offering them the opportunity to make the most of their resources and combat school budget cuts.

We will reassess all of your gas, electricity and water tariffs to ensure that you are on the right contact for your centres, which could result in massive savings. You will also be safe in the knowledge that you will NEVER roll onto a standard or higher tariff again as our account management team will keep you up to date with the latest prices and savings you can achieve.

Businesses paying more for energy and utilities than they have to     Businesses are paying as much as 80% more than they have to for their energy bills      Businesses and schools are overpaying energy suppliers by over £500M

Working with schools to lower energy costs

At Exchange Utility, we’re keen to get involved in educating young people about energy and primarily, how to save it. Climate change is something that affects us all and, we believe that the sooner we can highlight wastage prevention methods, the better. Therefore we are offering schools the option to arrange a speaker to visit and perform an energy efficiency talk with their pupils and staff.

We can also provide the school with a complementary range of activities to complete with their pupils in order to aid them in gaining a further understanding of why energy saving and the environment are important.

Combat school budget cuts with business energy cost and consumption reductionContinued consumption reduction advice for schools

After the initial stages are said and done, you will continue to receive support from Exchange Utility via expert consumption reduction advice, special offers and of course, your account management team.

We will be on standby to address any further concerns or needs surrounding your facility.

Social responsibility achieved through clever energy management

Exchange Utility are working toward becoming advocates for environmentally friendly businesses and supporting projects such as Infinite Earths Rimba Raya, Orangutan and Peat Forest Protection Project and by promoting a fairer energy market by helping businesses to find the right tariffs at the best price.

By working with us to manage your energy and utility needs, you are helping to enhance this work whilst benefitting from expert advice, savings and resources.

This is an opportunity to combat school budget cuts, educate, save and lower your environmental impact, at no cost to you.

Contact Exchange Utility on 0800 9777 000 to get involved today.

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