Will Scotland be the EU’s first renewable nation?

Renewable Nation: Will Scotland Be The EU's First?We all know that the Scottish are hardy folk. They endure the worst of the rain, wind and snow year after year but still maintain an uncanny resilience to its attempts to disrupt their daily lives. Since the pre-1200s, when the English invaded, the likes of William Wallace used the land of Scotland herself to outsmart and innovate.

Today, that tradition still stands and the creation of a renewable nation is on the way

Scotland utilise wind powerScotland is utilising their high hills and as a result are now well on their way to achieving the status of a 100% renewable nation, with 42% of their electricity needs catered for by wind turbines alone. According to Weather Energy, this has resulted in an astronomical one million megawatt hours of electricity being fed into the national grid.

Furthermore, Scotland now generates 59.4% of its gross electricity through renewable energy sources – which is an improvement of 9.5% from 2014.

WWF director Lang Banks believes that this renewable revolution will continue:

“We’d like to see each of the political parties commit to ensuring Scotland becomes the EU’s first fully renewable electricity nation by 2030”

Ambitious targets to say the least, but not unachievable.

More advantages to Scotland  becoming renewable

Scotland and UK to work together towards renewables

Scottish renewable energy doesn’t just benefit the environment, it also helps the economy. The low carbon and renewable energy sector in Scotland supports over 43,500 jobs. Growth in this area is continuing at a rapid rate, wind generation in Scotland increased by 18% last year and hydropower generation increased by 5%.

The future of energy in Scotland

Scotland has already made massive headway in striving towards ambitious 2020 efficiency targets. In the future, the Scottish Government is proposing 1GW renewable generation targets for community and locally owned power providers by 2020 – They also intend on doubling this target to 2GW by 2030.

Becoming an energy efficient business in Scotland

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