Half Hourly Meters Explained

Here at Exchange Utility, we are regularly asked about half hourly meters – from what they are, what they do and how they affect our customers’ bills.

So we thought we should put together a handy guide to help you understand how half hourly meters work, and how they could be exactly what your business needs.

What is a Half Hourly meter and do you need one for your business?

A Half Hourly meter, or HH meter, is a type of electricity meter that’s specifically designed for larger energy consumers. The meter sends your supplier readings every half hour – which is where it takes its name.

How does this meter work?

As with any energy meter, a HH meter provides an accurate measurement of how much energy has been used by a building in a given time frame.

The key difference between a regular meter and a HH meter is how often that reading is taken. By sending readings to a supplier every half hour, a HH meter is able to give an accurate view of how much energy is being used over a short period of time, such as a day.

This means that the end user can see where their usage peaks across the day, and are therefore able to look for the most cost-efficient rates for their energy use. It also allows energy suppliers to balance the network, helping prevent power cuts.

What is P272 and how does it affect my business?

P272 refers to BSC 272, a piece of legislation passed in October 2014 which came into effect on April 1st 2017. It meant that all Non-Half Hourly Profile Class 05 – 08 meters had to be moved over to Half Hourly meters

How can I tell if I have a Profile Class 05-08 meter?

It’s very unlikely that your electricity meter will still be on a 05-08 meter as all metering systems had to be changed over to the new type in 2017.

To find out if your meters are Profile Class 05 – 08 you can check your bill or call Exchange Utility and we will be able to advise you. To find the Profile Class on your bill, look for the ‘Electricity Supply Number’. If this number is from 05 – 08 inclusive, the meter is one of the Profile Classes affected.

Do I need to take meter readings every half hour?

No, most definitely not! A HH meter is a particularly user-friendly piece of kit, and uses a hard-wired connection such as a telephone line or even mobile phone connections to send a reading to the supplier. The entire process is automated, and unless you’re asked to send a manual reading, there’s nothing that you need to do.

Do I need a Half Hourly meter?

Yes, if your business has a peak load electricity usage of above 100kw or if you’re renewing your contract and your meter is in profile class 05 – 08.

What will a Half Hourly meter do to my bills?

It will ensure that you’re only billed for the energy that you’ve actually used – as your bills will be based on actual usage rather than projected estimates, you’ll be paying for the energy that you use rather than what you’d be projected to use within your billing period.

This helps you avoid pitfalls of underpaying for your usage on estimated bills, then being stung with an unexpected bill further down the line.

How do I know if I’m using a Half Hourly meter?

If you check a recent electricity bill, you’ll find your MPAN number in a box that begins with a large “S”. If the number highlighted below is 00, then you have a HH meter.

What is a Half Hourly Meter Operator (MOP)?

A HH Meter Operator is the entity responsible for the installation and maintenance of your meter, and to ensure that your meter is able to send the data to the Data Collector.

A HH Meter Operator can be your energy supplier or an accredited third party. A third-party MOP is often the cheaper option, but you must have a contract in place with an electricity supplier for your electricity.

Can I switch to a Half Hourly meter?

Yes, if your business or organisation consumes enough energy to qualify. Contact us to find out if a HH meter is the right option for your business or organisation.

If you’re looking to find the most competitive rates for your business energy then Exchange Utility can help. With your permission, we can take your usage information to our panel of suppliers and supply you with some of the most competitive rates on the market.

For help with your Half Hourly meter or your energy supply, get in touch on 0800 9777 000 or fill in the form on this page and we’ll be in touch!