Energy Saving Advice for Hotels and B&Bs

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Hotel and B&B energy savings can help to reduce your overheads

As a hotel owner or manager, you will already be well aware that your energy and utility bills account for a large portion of your businesses expenses and therefore, how important hotel energy savings are to helping you remain profitable. These expenses can tear away at a large part of your profits and by extension your ability to expand or invest more in your hotel and facilities.

You have a choice

You can either continue with business as usual and leave the changes to your business until another day, therefore losing out on potentially thousands of pounds in savings, OR you can make changes starting today and get up to date, ensuring your hotel and facilities are both eco-friendly and cost effective.

The choice is yours… However if you do choose to stay ahead of the curve and give hotel hunters even more reasons to choose you, then keep reading and discover innovative ways to keep those costs down and impress your guests.

Top 10 Energy saving tips for hotels and B&Bs

Here are 10 great tips you can use to help your hotel business save money, some you can even begin to use today.

1. Get motion sensor smart

hotel energy savingAn issue for many large hotels, is that there are many floors and walkways which need to remain lit throughout the evening and overnight in order to provide your guests with adequate lighting, should they come back late, or leave early before daybreak.

The issue with relying on light switches, such as those on a timer is that your guests may not know they are there, or be aware of the need to turn them on manually which could lead to accidents if guests try and navigate the maze of corridors on their way to or from their rooms.

This is is why lighting connected to motion sensors works so great, because there is no need for your guests to try and find light switches and the lights will only remain on, whilst they are needed. Using them in both guest and staff areas could save you as much as 10% on lighting costs.

2. Make your exit signs eco-friendly

Of course you cannot remove the emergency exits signs entirely and we’re sure many hotel owners and managers would never dream of doing so. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a more energy efficient way of lighting these signs.

If you have older signs which use high wattage bulbs that power your exits signs, you may be able to replace these with energy saving lightbulbs, or a more modern sign which uses LEDs which should help to save your hotel money, whilst ensuring the safety of your guests and staff.

3. Buy more, save more

Whether you operate anything from a large hotel chain, down to a small B&B, one thing hotel energy savingis for sure, you’re going to ordering in a lot of produce and sundries on a regular basis in order to effectively run your business.

Everybody is well aware that buying in bulk can help save you money, but it could also help boost your own green credentials and help to save the environment at the same time. By buying in bulk, you will not only be saving on the amount of fuel required to deliver your goods, but also help to cut down on packaging usage and save on delivery charges.

4. Pedal away pollution

Most people will have heard of the Boris Bike, the London bike hire scheme which Boris Johnson launched whilst working as London’s Lord Mayor.

On a far smaller and less technically advanced way, your hotel or B&B could offer guests a similar experience if you’re located within a beautiful part of the country where guests like to explore.

By encouraging your guests to cycle when exploring the local area, instead of resorting to car and cab journey’s. This will help to reduce the environmental impact your guests are contributing, whilst also allowing them to get out and explore the area.

This is a great idea for hotels and B&Bs, as it also creates an extra facility for your guests, meaning that you can give them a both exciting and environmentally friendly escape option.

Remove high energy costs from your hotel rooms / guest rooms

5. Smart key cards can help stop waste

For hotels with the finances to install such a system, smart key cards ensure that electrical appliances and lighting aren’t wasting energy when your guests aren’t using the room.

Whilst they’re in and using the room, the guest must insert their room card into a slot to activate their electricity. Then when they leave the room, they simply remove the key which then switches off the lights and other electrical appliances in the room, so you’re not paying to light and entertain an empty room.

Unfortunately, not everybody is as environmentally conscious as you’d like when it comes to helping you to save money on your energy bills!

Having guests use this system can also beneficial to a guests experience of staying in your hotel, are less likely to leave it behind in the room, since they’ll become accustomed to the lights and other electrics being off as they leave the room. A brightly lit room as they exit  should be enough of a cue for them to realise something isn’t right. This of course will cut down on the time required by your staff to let guests back into locked rooms.

Lastly, it’s far easier to store a room card along with other cards such as bank cards and credits credits in a purse or wallet. So, far more convenient for your guests, than carrying a key around with them which may get misplaced of lost.

6. Use durable, not disposable

There is much being said in the news about the amounts of plastics ending up in landfill and more importantly, our oceans. So, one small change can potentially have a very big impact by both educating your own staff, as well as your guests on the need to be careful with their plastic waste.

Buying what you can in bulk and the decanting into smaller containers, as opposed to buying lots of smaller, one time use containers is both cost effective and will go a long way to helping to reduce the amount of waste your hotel or B&B is producing each year.

Other benefits include:

Cut down on the amount of waste that you need to pay to be collected and taken away.
By buying in bulk, you’ll save money buying products along with savings on delivery costs.
You save money on the cost of providing small travel sized versions of sundries such as toiletries.
You can use durable containers that reinforce your brand or image, as opposed to those advertising others.

7. Low flow toilets

Most years during the summer months, we all wait for the inevitable talk of hosepipe bans to be mentioned and come into force. It’s not just during the summer when we need to be saving water and not only because of the risk of a hosepipe ban.

Saving water not only helps the environment, but can also help to cut down on your water bills. A low flow toilet will use 5120 gallons of water, if flushed 4000 times in one year. At £1.42/1000 gallons, this will cost approximately £7.27 per year. Therefore, replacing an old toilet with a 1.6 gpf model could save your hotel £13.64 per year, per toilet.

How many toilets does your hotel or B&B have? One per room, then there are the staff toilets and other toilets for general use by all guests all adding to the overall total. So even a modest hotel with 80 toilets within your facility, you’ve got the potential to make over £1,000 in savings on your water bills.


8. Gym equipment that generates energy

hotel energy savingThis is a more costly option for hotels looking to really showcase their eco abilities. There is now gym equipment that repurposes the users own hard work to generate energy to run the machines, whilst in use.

This type of machinery is likely to be far beyond the stretch of many smaller hotels who provide these types of facilities for their guests. But for those willing and able to invest, many of the machines will use the activity to both operate the electronics on the machine, as well as charge and store energy within a battery for later use.

There’s also gym equipment available which not only stores energy to power itself, but could also in turn, feed any additional energy back into the building to help run things like lights and air-con!

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9. Restaurant energy bills turning your business into Hell’s kitchen?

Hotels and B&Bs with their own professional kitchens and restaurants will be well aware of the energy vacuum that is, a modern professional kitchen. With everything from fridges and freezers required store foods, through to dishwashers and cleaning equipment. All this before we even get to thinking about everything required to cook and prepare food

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10. Make hotel energy savings by reviewing your energy contracts

Is your hotel or B&B one of the over 1.3 million UK businesses that are overpaying on their energy bills? Don’t worry if you don’t know. This is often due to being on the wrong contract, never renewing and never checking the market.

Sounds boring right? Don’t worry, when it comes to your hotel’s or B&Bs business energy contracts, Exchange Utility are here to help you make an informed decision that will help to save you time searching, as well as ultimately saving you money on energy bills.

At Exchange Utility, we’re working to combat unnecessarily high energy costs for businesses in every sector, including Hotels and B&Bs, by providing a business energy comparison service. Grab a recent gas and electricity bill and choose one of the following options:

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If you’re looking for helpful energy saving tips for businesses operating within other industries, you can find more helpful tips and advice on our business energy saving advice page.