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Can Energy Brokers and Comparison Sites Help Your Business?

Energy comparison sites came to fruition after an Ofgem investigation found that a lack of competition within the UK energy market meant that suppliers were able to drive prices up. This was resulting in a market with very few alternatives for consumers.

Third Party Intermediary sites (TPI’s), like Exchange Utility, evolved to combat this problem by creating higher levels of transparency for business customers. This means that UK energy suppliers have to be more competitive with their pricing in order to win your custom.

Business energy comparison websites make it easy for you to review your options and identify the best prices that are available so you can save money.

If you haven’t chosen a new contract in a number of years, it is likely that you’ve rolled onto a standard rate tariff (which is usually the most expensive rate). If this has happened, don’t panic! We can look into some alternative tariffs for you with the view to driving your costs down and making sure you’re on the best available rates.

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Still switching without a business energy comparison site or broker?

Whether you’re still choosing to find a new deal or energy supplier by going direct to the business energy suppliers yourself, which can often be a time consuming process. Or even one of the estimated 40% of UK businesses failing to change energy suppliers when their old deals have expired.

In the past, the hassle and general wild goose chase of it all just aren’t worth the time and trouble. Perhaps it’s time to consider a business energy comparison service, business energy broker or consultant to help you to get the best business energy tariff for the amount of energy you use. They can also take on the most arduous aspects of changing suppliers, so then you don’t need to worry about a thing.

What is an energy comparison service?

According to Ofgem, energy brokers, energy consultants and energy comparison services all come under the TPI (that’s third-party intermediary) umbrella. There are many comparison services out there to choose from, including Exchange Utility, and they all work to find the most competitive tariffs for their customers. We’re here to ensure you’re not paying more than you should be on your business energy bills.

So why bother with the stress when there are simple tools that can compare the best rates for your business?

Why are business energy comparison sites useful?

Energy comparison sites and other switching services such as brokers, certainly have their place in the UK. Pretty much everyone will compare prices and deals when they’re looking for the best deals on anything they plan to purchase to make sure they’re getting the best prices.

These days, people can quickly compare prices and find the best deals on a range of products and services including; domestic and business gas and electricity, mobile phones, broadband, car and home insurance. Online price comparison sites and services have made it so much easier for people to find not only the cheapest prices, but also the right deals for their needs.

How do energy comparison services work?

Energy comparison sites and other switching services certainly have their place in the UK. Switching energy supplier involves overcoming several hurdles, the first of which is finding the right rate for your business. To put it simply, a comparison website like Exchange Utility does this for you.

  1. We compare your needs with the rates of the panel of business energy suppliers we work with to find the contract that suits your needs. For this, all we need are a few key details about your current energy usage – this information will usually be on a recent bill from your current supplier.

  2. We’ll find the right deal for you and send you all the relevant paperwork to make the changeover as seamless as possible.

  3. Once you’re happy with the deal that we’ve found you, it’s time to switch. For this, we need a Letter of Authority from you, which allows us to speak to your provider on your behalf. You can read more on Letters of Authority here, or you can download a letter of authority and once filled in we can start searching for new energy deals for your business.

Then you can concentrate on running your business, safe in the knowledge that Exchange Utility will be in touch before the end of your new contract.

For more information about how Exchange Utility can help you, read our commercial energy FAQs.

Why use a business energy consultant?

Beyond the big six energy companies, there are a number of other energy companies across the UK, each with their own range of tariffs and locations across the UK where they offer the best prices per kilowatt. Contacting and checking the prices and deals on offer from even a handful of these suppliers on your own individually can be a daunting task for businesses of any size.

What’s more, the price that an energy supplier charges you is dependent on a range of factors, including how much energy they sell in your location. So the best supplier for you will vary from place to place, among other things.

With so many things impacting the price of your gas and electricity bills, it’s helpful to speak to someone with experience and knowledge of the business energy market. An expert who has knowledge of the energy tariffs which are available and will be most suitable for your business. They should also be aware of any upcoming price rises from suppliers and able to analyse all of these factors in order to advise you accordingly.

And with small and micro businesses reportedly overpaying on their energy bills by up to 24 per cent, getting the best advice is of paramount importance, and it all begins with an informed business energy comparison.

Benefits of choosing Exchange Utility

Since our launch, we have built up some fantastic relationships with our suppliers. By doing this we are creating a better experience for our customers, as each supplier wants to share their new offerings with you. By extension, we are able to process paperwork faster, gain access to some fantastic prices and offer all of the latest perks from each supplier to the businesses we work with.

We invest heavily in training our experts in all things energy so that our comparisons are as effective as possible for your business. Staff receive regular development, market notifications, updates and tips and tricks to aid them in helping you to reduce your biggest business overheads.

You can feel confident that you’re in safe hands with our experts. Their hard work reducing the size of business energy bills up and down the UK has resulted in us being awarded an Excellent rating on Trustpilot for our customer service.

Speak to a business energy consultant today to find out more: 0800 9777 000

  • Hassle-free experience when you switch energy suppliers
  • Dedicated account manager to help you at every stage
  • Our expert specialists are deeply knowledgeable about business energy contracts
  • Over 20 business energy suppliers compared, enabling us to find you the right deal
  • Exchange Utility’s strong relationship with energy suppliers ensures a seamless switch for you
  • Rated Excellent on Trustpilot – Thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong about their new business energy costs!

If you’re looking for effortless energy savings for your business, Exchange Utility is here to help. Use the form on this page or call our energy experts on 0800 9777 000 for hard-to-beat commercial energy quotes.