Promoting Environmentally Friendly Business Practices

How Exchange Utility work with Infinite Earth

Exchange Utility: Promoting Environmentally Friendly Business Practices
At Exchange Utility, it’s our mission to assist in reducing energy and utility costs and consumption in order to help you to achieve an environmentally friendly business status. This includes working on lowering Carbon Emissions and creating saving opportunities for all UK businesses.

We’re hoping to help the UK as a whole to work towards the 2020 Carbon Emission reduction targets. We see it as our responsibility to provide viable solutions for businesses and beyond which is why we’re involved with Infinite Earth.

What Infinite Earth has achieved by working with environmentally conscious businesses

Assisted by investments made by Exchange Utility and several other generous and socially responsible businesses, Infinite Earth have achieved incredible results. They are now the protectors of a 6402-kilometre Carbon-rich tropical peat forest on the southern coast of Borneo. This forest is home to 122 species of mammal, 300 types of bird and 180 different kinds of plant and tree.

Infinite Earth are also investing funds raised in the construction, maintenance and development of Rimba Raya wild Orangutan conservation reserve as well as in the local community, improving quality of life by creating access to health services, clean water and financial as well as social stability.

Why environmentally friendly business is the future

Green credentials are becoming more of a must-have for businesses than ever before. The reality is that businesses have the power to make a real impact on repairing environmental damage, it’s just a question of when and where to act.

A study by Sustainable Brands found the following: 81% of Consumers Say They Will Make Personal Sacrifices to Address Social, Environmental Issues

Working towards a more eco-friendly business status needn’t be difficult. It has several benefits, including the ability to impress your customers from the start by promoting your social and environmental responsibility, attracting local and national press attention and a genuine feel good factor.

But where should you start?

How to start becoming an environmentally friendly business

environmentally friendly business

Get Involved Now

Exchange Utility is a cost-effective way to get your business on the right track to becoming more environmentally friendly. We can offer you advice for clever consumption reduction as well as smart business energy and utility tariff comparisons to find the best deal for your business.

You can even choose to compare suppliers who offer above average green options in their renewable generation.

Call and speak to a friendly member of the Exchange Utility team: 0800 9777 000

A Business Energy Expert will be on hand to take the hassle away from going green, getting you started by looking into reducing your energy and utility bills and ensuring you’re on the right tariff.

It’s that easy, it’s win-win and it’s a positive step towards your business future.