How to pull off a successful business premises move

Make your business premises move easy with these tips

How to pull off a successful business premises moveYou may, or may not, have heard that Exchange Utility is expanding to a bigger premises in Bury Town Centre. To make this business premises move possible, extreme amounts of planning and preparation have been put in place so that we will not experience any service disruptions, which is good for both our business and our customers.

This move has been a rollercoaster for us, so we decided to share our experience of what we’ve found makes a good business move with you.

If you’re looking to move business premises any time soon, we hope these tips prove useful to you!

Make a plan

We know it sounds obvious but so many fail to plan their move and as a result have to suffer the consequences.

Planning in advance can help you to organise your new premises better, rather than creating a work space free for all!

Choose the locations of your departments, each member of your staff and your resources wisely as you may have to endure your original decision for some time before allowing yourself the motivation to have a reorganise.

Mark your boxesmoving boxes for new business premises

Avoid departmental disarray and the potential loss of important documents by simply taking the time to label your boxes properly.

You can also cut moving time by packing properly when it comes to items like wires. Packing them appropriately avoids irritating intertwining’s and makes unpacking at the other end much simpler.

Double check your moving arrangements in advance

Whether you’re hiring a van, moving company or using a friend to help you relocate, it only makes sense to check that all preparations are in order concerning timings and how the move will be carried out in advance.

This can avoid confusion on your moving day and create a much less stressful task for you.

New premises, new contracts

When you move business premises, you give yourself the golden opportunity to reassess your business energy and utility contracts, potentially saving thousands on your bills.

By contacting Exchange Utility, you can gain an insight into the business energy market, enabling you to assess your options from an informed perspective. Our advisors will assist you, so you can feel confident that you aren’t overpaying your providers and are at no risk of being rolled onto a more expensive tariff.

Try it for yourself to see how much you could save. Call 0800 9777 000 to get started now.

Premises change promotion

Why not choose to make the most of your move by creating some media interest surrounding it?

You could try your luck by creating a press release about why you’re moving, where you’re moving to and what plans you have for the future. This can help gather more public interest towards both jobs and the products or services within your business, meaning that you’re utilising your move to the fullest!

If you want to go all out, you could even have a new premises launch event or donate any old office equipment to a local charity to raise some extra attention and build on local relations.

The possibilities are endless.

Prepare your stakeholders for your move

Finally and most importantly, you need to prepare your stakeholders for your move.

You can prepare customers by sending a newsletter to your CRM base. When informing customers of the move, make sure that you include details of how it will affect them as well as preparing them for any service disruptions that they may encounter.

If your business is going to be on pause for a day or two then you need to also make sure you’ve organised your email responses and phone messages so that any customers or suppliers trying to get through know what to do whilst waiting for your return.

The more they know, the less frustrated they will get.

What to do when the move is complete…relax after your business premises move

Have a well-earned beverage and relax whilst you can.

No doubt you will experience at least one teething problem with your new premises but moving day isn’t the time to worry about what might be.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your successful business premises move.