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Open Water Market – Why it’s Good for Businesses

As of 2008, businesses who reside in Scotland have been able to utilise a new and competitive Scottish open water market by ceasing the opportunity to compare water rates.
That’s over 130,000 businesses now benefiting from the following:

  1. Increased competition from suppliers
  2. Lower prices
  3. A wider range of choice
  4. Better customer service
  5. Increased water efficiency

Concerning business owners, this is a huge help!

Now you can compare water rates, gone are the days that you just had to accept extortionate water overheads! Business water rate comparisons have now spread throughout the rest of the UK as the market became live in April 2017.

What can an open water market achieve for my business?

How the open water market can benefit your businessFirst of all, the saving potential that the ability to compare water suppliers on the open water market can create for your business is astonishing! For example:

The Scottish Government has recently negotiated a contract with a single supplier for council buildings, hospitals, universities, prisons and the Scottish Parliament. This will save up to £40 million over the next four years. –  www.open-water.org.uk

That’s £40,000,000 that the Scottish Government is now free to invest in the improvement of other services throughout the country – Impressive isn’t it?

It’s no wonder that half of all Scottish businesses have now renegotiated their water contract with their supplier and the number of businesses switching water supplier is on the rise.

Start a business water supplier comparison today

What difference does an open water market make to my business water supply?

The short answer is none at all.

Now the Water Market has opened, your business water will still come from the same source – a local or regional monopoly company and wholesaler. The water is then sold to suppliers, who create bundle services and add value by offering additional perks to entice businesses, like yours, into choosing them as a water provider – Some are even offering water services that are tailored to your needs, meaning greater flexibility can be achieved.

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How to compare business water suppliers

Instead of researching the different water suppliers that are available to your business and getting quotes individually, choose to compare business water rates the easy way.

Third-party intermediaries, like Exchange Utility, can provide you with a FREE and impartial business water comparison and advise you on the best options available to your business – All you need is a recent business water bill to compare water rates.

Until recently, this service was only available for businesses situated in Scotland. However, as of April 2017, all businesses can now compare water rates!

Simply select Water on our online comparison form and insert a few details from your bill.

Get started today by comparing business water suppliers to see how much you could be saving your business by switching water suppliers today.