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Business electric rates: How to reduce your energy overheads

Dealing with high business electric rates can cause a massive financial strain on your company.

It can feel like you’ve been left in the dark by your supplier and that there are no options to reduce what you are paying for your business electricity. There are.

What are my options for business electric rate reduction

Exchange Utility was created with the vision of assisting UK businesses in the reduction of their business electric rates. We can provide you with a range of options that suit your operations regardless of your business size, sector or function.

Our money savvy energy experts will use their knowledge and experience to discover the business electric rates and cost reduction measures that you need to get your business energy back on track.

What Exchange Utility can do to help reduce your business electric rates:

Find you better rates using a tariff comparison
Flexible duration contracts
Fixed and flexible tariff choices
Development options
Business gas and water contracts

Why are my business electric rates so high?

There is a variety of reasons that the cost of your business energy is increasing.

Investigate the possible causes and solutions with this handy advice.

When is the best time to switch energy supplier?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to the best time to switch business energy supplier.

Discover when the best time to switch your business energy supplier is and learn where and when you have the opportunity to reduce your business electric rates. Which suppliers do we work with? Find out here.

*Average savings of 45% can be achieved when compared to your current energy suppliers standard out of contract rates