Business Energy Auditing

Regardless of your size, industry or consumption, we'll give you a business energy audit to help you reduce your costs and Carbon Footprint.

What is a commercial energy audit?

A commercial energy audit can assist your business in the reduction of both energy costs and consumption. This is a business energy service that gives you the best combination of savings advice and services that we have to offer.

Your commercial energy audit includes:

  • Business electricity tariff review
  • Business gas tariff review
  • Business water tariff review
  • Business consumption reduction analysis and recommendations
  • Monthly market reports and expert advice
  • Protection against going out of contract and rolling onto a more expensive standard rate tariff

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How can a commercial energy audit help your business?

A commercial energy audit can assist your business in achieving the following:

  • Reducing commercial electricity bills
  • Reducing commercial gas bills
  • Reducing commercial water bills
  • Reducing waste
  • Reducing your business energy consumption
  • Guarding your business against going out of contract and being placed on your energy suppliers highest rate tariff

Choosing Exchange Utility for your commercial energy audit

At Exchange Utility we see it as our responsibility to assist businesses in reducing their costs, as well as their consumption. We work alongside you, identifying your specific needs, to offer tailored solutions for your business.

The objective is to assist the UK as a whole in working towards reducing costs and meeting ambitious 2020 energy efficiency targets. A great way to get started is through completing a comprehensive business energy audit, so join us and get yours today.

Commercial energy auditing

Once you’ve booked your business energy audit, an expert will be in touch to discuss the best options for your business. During this time, your expert will work with you to find the best solutions for your energy and utility needs.

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We provide our customers with business energy and utility management planning. We also advise on how to get better deals that will help them avoid sky high bills and work towards a reduced Carbon Footprint status. We hope that in the end this will contribute to the recovery of the planet and assist businesses in becoming more environmentally responsible.

We only have one planet, let’s look after it and save some money.

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Gas comparisons for your business energy auditElectricity comparisons for your business energy auditWater comparisons in your business energy audit

Business Gas, Electricity & Water Savings. Made Simple.

Join us to be on your way to fantastic savings as well as becoming a sustainable business. You can achieve additional saving benefits year after year whilst working towards a brighter future for the environment.

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