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Established in 1998 following the merger of Scottish Hydro Electric and Southern Electric. SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) is now regarded as one of ‘The Big Six’ energy suppliers in Britain and is involved in the generation and supply of electricity and gas, as well as other services such as gas storage, exploration, production, contracting, connections and energy metering.

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SSE Business Energy Supplier

SSE’s history of building dams, power stations and aqueducts and the long-standing aim to provide safe and reliable energy, means that today, SSE remains the UK’s largest generator of renewable energy, with around 500,000 business customers of gas and electricity.

What’s more, the company is the second largest supplier of electricity and natural gas that operates within the United Kingdom and incorporates brands Airtricity, SWALEC, Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro Electric and Atlantic Electric and Gas. SSE also has a 50% equity Scotia Gas Networks.

The energy provider is believed to have around 8 million customers and is known to have continued commitment to investment in renewable power such as hydro/wind farms. They recently committed to building the 32 turbine, 108 megawatt Bhalraidh wind farm near Invermoriston in the Great Glen.

Why choose SSE as your business energy supplier?

The company understands that buying and controlling energy costs effectively is a serious corporate responsibility for any business, so they pledge to deliver a tailored solution.

Offer energy efficient advice
100% renewable electricity
Smart metering
Energy management strategy tool

SSE tariffs

Find A New Business Energy Supplier

Find A New Business Energy Supplier

You can spread the cost by setting up a monthly direct debit or pay your bill online. Both options come in hand with a discount of £40 per fuel.

SSE offers three standard business tariffs but are flexible with their approach.

Flexible contracts – This allows you to buy your energy at times that suit you, ahead of, or during the contract period. For example, that means that over a two-year contract, purchases can be made monthly, quarterly, by season or using a combination of the three.

Fixed contracts – Your energy costs will be fixed for an agreed contract term with a fixed contract tariff. Prices reflect the market at the time you accept the contract and remain the same for the entire contract period, regardless of any market volatility (upwards or downwards).

Gas cash outThe SSE Gas Cash Out tariff gives business owners the option to buy gas and later sell it back, on an unlimited basis and at no extra cost. Also known as ‘locking and unlocking’, this approach would allow you to optimise your overall supply price on a risk-managed basis.

Key benefits of switching to SSE:

Maximise the value from business’s interval data by using the daily data to derive final achieved commodity price
Live billing of energy and non-energy costs, enabling no reconciliation and increasing cash flow
Refine forecasted position and purchasing decisions up to the end of every month
Ability to purchase gas down to 100 therm clip sizes based on business consumption forecast
Cash out is derived from transparent indices rather than system marginal pricing
Zero fees for fixing and unfixing allows business owners to take full advantage of the market’s highs and lows, at no extra cost

SSE Green

SSE has designed SSE Green for industrial and commercial organisations who need help with their greenhouse gas reporting. The core purpose as a business is to ‘provide the energy people need in a reliable and sustainable way. Sustainability has been one of our six core values guiding our decisions and actions since 2006’.

SSE Green benefits:

Report zero emissions for ‘Scope 2’ purchased electricity
Reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint
Demonstrate your commitment to renewable and sustainable goals
Enhance your reputation with customers and other stakeholders
Demonstrate best practice in your marketplace

Energy strategy management tool – Clarity

In recognising that proper energy management is becoming an increasingly important consideration for businesses, SSE has a reporting platform, Clarity, that is easy to set up and gives businesses all the data they need to see how energy is being used. It also includes the amount of energy used and when it’s being used. This allows companies to monitor and regulate their energy use efficiently.

This allows users to:

Schedule graph-based usage reports
Use analysis and trending tools to spot patterns and help plan for the future
Get e-mail alerts if any sites/locations reach or go over their ‘thresholds’
Use the “Query Manager” to resolve issues by site and fuel type
See in-between two and five years of historical data
Support in achieving carbon reduction targets and achieving a culture of carbon

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Even better, when your contract is due for renewal, we’ll get in touch to discuss a new deal to avoid you being stuck on costly tariffs.

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If you’d like to learn more about the other suppliers we compare, you can find them here on our business energy supplier information page.

How do I Switch my Businesses Energy Supplier?

Switch Business Energy Supplier Today

Switch Business Energy Supplier Today

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Worth Remembering…

Keep a lookout for when your fixed rate ends to avoid ending up on an expensive standard tariff
Switching is easy – and you’ll stay switched on throughout the whole process
If you make the wrong choice, don’t worry, there’s a 14-day cooling off period to make any changes
Switching tariff could potentially save you over £300

It’s quick, it’s easy and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re on the best available tariff that suits you and your business. What are you waiting for?

Not sure if SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy) is the right business gas or business electricity supplier for your business?

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