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RIIO-2 Energy Price Control Regulations to be Implemented by 2020

New energy price control regulations are set to come into effect that will put a cap on the amount that distribution network operators can charge for their services. This updated policy will replace current energy price control regulations. What is RIIO? RIIO is an acronym for an energy network regulation… Read more

DCP 161 Will Bring Significant Cost Increases

DCP 161 will come into force from 1st April 2018. OFGEM are enforcing this new measure to ensure that Half Hourly (HH) meters that exceed their assigned capacity are charged at an increased rate. What is DCP 161? DCP 161 is a new regulation which will mean those who exceed… Read more

New EPC Rating Legislations Now in Place for Landlords

Attention landlords! There are important  Energy Performance Certificate legislative changes that you need to adhere to. Privately rented property now needs to reach an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of at least E before you are able to grant a new tenancy to new or existing tenants. If your property's… Read more

Bury Hospice in Charity Partnership with Local Business

Our New Charity Partner - Bury Hospice There is something special about getting involved in the local community. Community involvement can bring a sense of achievement, belonging and unity to those who participate and is an incredibly rewarding experience for both businesses and individuals alike. This is why the team… Read more

The Winter Energy Price Rise – What to Expect

Learn more about the expected winter energy price rise and what you can do today to help your business manage the costs It is well known to anyone who pays for gas and electricity, that there will be a lot of people subjected to some rather nasty energy price rises… Read more

Rollover Energy Contracts for Microbusinesses: New Protection Announced

On the 27th July 2017, new measures took effect to protect microbusinesses from expensive rollover energy contracts. Dermot Nolan, the Chief Executive of Ofgem hailed the updates as a big change in the way the market works During a two year Competition and Markets Authority investigation into the energy industry,… Read more

Will There be an Energy Price Cap in the UK?

During the lead up to the general election, an energy price cap was one of the policies that proved to be an extremely popular incentive. The leader of the conservative party, Theresa May, pledged to fulfil this promise, which could result in the reduction of energy costs for millions of… Read more

Understanding Your Rollover Business Energy Contract

A rollover energy contract is all too easy to fall into and can often lead to higher rates and bigger gas and electric costs for your business. However, rollover contracts are easy to avoid and you have legal rights which are on your side to help you. When your energy… Read more

New Business Energy Contract – What Happens Next?

When you choose a new business energy contract – if you get a good deal – it can leave you quite excited about how much you're saving or about dealing with a supplier that is a little less difficult than your last one... but what happens next... You will not… Read more

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