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Business Energy News

Short Guide to VAT and Business Electricity

Here at Exchange Utility, we are energy experts. Our main role is to help businesses and organisations make smarter, more cost-effective choices about their energy supply. So when our customers come to us asking if they're paying the correct amount of VAT on their electricity bills, we can help, and… Read more

The Future of Green Energy in the UK

As you may have heard, the UK recently hit a major milestone in its green energy goals: managing a full fortnight without coal-free energy. But before we all start patting ourselves on the back, we need to ask ourselves a serious question... Is this a major milestone on the way… Read more

Understanding Business Energy Contract Terms

Understanding business energy contract terms can be a daunting challenge. Confusing jargon often leads to many business owners simply giving up and sticking with their default provider, even if it means paying more for their energy and getting worse customer service. If you're thinking about changing your business energy provider,… Read more

Energy Back Billing Ban Confirmed by Ofgem

Back billing ban enforced by Ofgem Energy regulator Ofgem has put legislation in place that will stop gas and electricity suppliers from being able to issue customers with bills for energy used over 12 months ago. Previously there was no limit to energy back billing, which resulted in the average… Read more

How to Save Money on Business Utility Bills

Bills are an unavoidable part of running a business, much like salaries and taxes. However, suppose you're keen on ensuring your company's bottom line is impacted as little as possible by how much you spend on fundamental utilities like energy, gas and water. In that case, you'll want to learn… Read more

Does the energy price cap apply to businesses?

Are business energy prices capped? There isn't a price cap for UK businesses, as government support through discounts and schemes provided cost-effective options for businesses. It appears that the days of skyrocketing household energy tariffs are numbered, with Ofgem implementing a new energy price cap from the 1st of January… Read more

Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Your Workplace

Given that a huge 20% of the UK's overall energy consumption can be handed exclusively to lighting, it is extremely likely that it also accounts for a significant chunk of your business's electricity bill. This means that the way you use power to efficiently light your workplace can help to… Read more

Exchange Utility Commended at Princess Royal Training Awards

The Princess Royal Training Awards and the City & Guilds Group have today released the names of the 48 businesses commended by their 2018 award reward scheme. The prestigious Awards honour UK companies including River Island, John Lewis, RBS, the Royal Air Force and Exchange Utility for their outstanding training… Read more

UK Urged to Conserve Water During Heatwave

'Conserve water as much as possible' seems to be the advice from many authorities these past few weeks and carrying on into July. Last Friday, Northern Ireland introduced a hosepipe ban due to a 30% increase in water demand and excessive usage levels – could the rest of the UK… Read more

RIIO-2 Energy Price Control Regulations to be Implemented by 2020

New energy price control regulations are set to come into effect that will put a cap on the amount that distribution network operators can charge for their services. This updated policy will replace current energy price control regulations. What is RIIO? RIIO is an acronym for an energy network regulation… Read more