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Which Energy Supplier has the Best Customer Service?

When considering which energy supplier has the best customer service, you must understand that there is no guarantee that you will have a fantastic or disheartening experience with any supplier in particular. Each supplier is different, just like each business is different. And just like every business in the UK,… Read more

Some of the Biggest Issues Encountered with Business Energy Suppliers

Consumers have a lack of trust in energy suppliers due to ongoing, highly publicised issues within the market, here are just some of the biggest issues with energy suppliers: Inaccurate billing and taking payments at the wrong time Inaccurate metering information Ofgem fined several suppliers due to poor customer service… Read more

Ever Wondered How Much Electricity is Generated by Lightning?

Thunder and lightning can be both a beautiful and frightening phenomenon – Find out how much energy lightning generates below... Renewable energy is being worked on every day by scientists across the world, but has anyone ever tried to harness energy from lightning? And would it work if they could?… Read more

Rising Energy Prices Spark UK Consumer concern

Why are consumers concerned about rising energy prices? Rising energy prices and what impact this could have on homes and businesses is a top concern for UK consumers going into 2018 - Who can blame them? A recent Ofgem study highlighted that 20,000,000 people have been automatically placed onto expensive… Read more

Community spirit in Bury raises over £3,000 for Ted Waring

Community spirit At Exchange Utility, we believe that making a difference in our local area and inspiring community spirit is one of the most valuable experiences that we can get involved in as a business. That's why in the coming weeks, we have a range of fundraising activities planned to… Read more

5 Reasons to Monitor Business Energy Consumption

Making an effort to monitor business energy consumption is becoming more of a necessity as 2020 environmental target deadlines begin to close in. Recent developments mean it is becoming easier and more essential than ever to achieve effective energy management for your business. Business energy suppliers, like Exchange Utility, are… Read more

Why does my business energy cost so much?

You may have received an energy bill recently and upon opening it asked yourself the question, why does my energy cost so much? You're sure your last bill wasn't as expensive as that and have no idea why it appears to be creeping up each time you get that dreaded… Read more

Business Energy Tariffs – The Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to choosing which business energy tariff is right for you, you can find yourself lost in a sea of jargon and un-relatable waffle. This makes choosing the right business energy tariff more difficult and can cause you to feel a world of avoidable stress. Exchange Utility has… Read more

British businesses make the transition to renewable energy sources

British businesses are beginning to wake up and smell the benefits of transitioning to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Some businesses have even gone as far as to make a public commitment to becoming 100% renewable in order to aid the UK in reaching testing climate change targets and… Read more

Who are the Big Six Energy Companies

You may be using one of the 'Big Six Energy Companies' to provide you with your energy. But are they the right choice for your business? Find out now... The 'Big Six' is a term widely used to describe the biggest UK energy firms. Historically, this consisted of British Gas,… Read more