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10 Helpful Tips to Reduce Your Winter Energy Bills

Try these helpful tips to see if you can reduce the cost of your energy bills in winter It's that time of year again where getting out of bed in the morning becomes much more difficult and the promise of higher energy bills becomes imminent. Winter energy bills can have… Read more

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning Huge Success for Macmillan

The World's Biggest Coffee Morning a big success for Macmillan Cancer Support On the 30th of September, businesses and individuals alike banded together to hold the World's Biggest Coffee Morning in support of Macmillan and to great success! The total amount raised from events worldwide was in excess of £8,000,000.… Read more

Open Water Market – Why it’s Good for Businesses

As of 2008, businesses who reside in Scotland have been able to utilise a new and competitive Scottish open water market by ceasing the opportunity to compare water rates. That's over 130,000 businesses now benefiting from the following: Increased competition from suppliers Lower prices A wider range of choice Better… Read more

Understanding the Water Market Reform and The Water Act 2014

The water market reform will have a big impact on how businesses acquire their water supply, compare water rates and control their water costs. Until recently, the UK retail and water supply market was managed by region, with companies using suppliers allocated by area or district – This is no… Read more

The BIG Charity VAT Return on Business Energy

Business energy and charity VAT return: Why charities deserve help Charities and charity workers dedicate their time and money to supporting causes that are close to all of our hearts. These people are pioneers in the protection and conservation of our way of life and advocate for what each one… Read more

Top 10 Tips to Help You to Save Energy at Work

Are you looking to save energy at work? With more focus nowadays on reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency to help the environment, employer engagement can be key to helping this in the workplace. Everybody at work can play their part to become more energy efficient although it is… Read more

End of the Day Energy Saving Checklist for Businesses

How to make end of the day savings checklist At the end of the working day, the temptation beckons you to escape the office, run home and jump into your slippers as soon as possible. A harmless enough routine... or so it would seem... It is only known by few,… Read more

6 Ways to Reduce How Much Energy Your Business Computers Use

Computers have become an essential part of operating any modern-day business. They store our documents, they help us to communicate and quite frankly most of us would be completely lost without them! Just because computers are an essential part of working life doesn't mean that they have to cost your… Read more

How to Reduce Your Business Overheads

What is a business overhead? Overheads are the costs that accrue to the running of your business. It's very important for business owners to understand how much their overheads come to so they can ensure they're going to make a profit. Essentially, overheads are any kind of expense that'll keep… Read more