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Exchange Utility’s Kelly Ivison Wins a TELCA Award

After an exciting night at TELCA in the Honourable Artillery Gardens, we are elated to announce that our newly appointed director has been awarded the Energy Live News 2016 Business Person of the Year award! We're incredibly excited that Kelly Ivison has been recognised in the prestigious energy industry award… Read more

Hide a Euros / World Cup Hangover with these 5 Tips

5 Tips to Help You Hide your Euros or World Cup Hangover Even managing directors, entrepreneurs and CEO's can't resist getting caught up in the football spirit when all is well with the home team. The only problem is that you are left sleep deprived the following day, having had… Read more

The BIG Charity VAT Return on Business Energy

Business energy and charity VAT return: Why charities deserve help Charities and charity workers dedicate their time and money to supporting causes that are close to all of our hearts. These people are pioneers in the protection and conservation of our way of life and advocates for what each one… Read more

How to beat business owner stress

Running a business can be an extremely intense experience that can cause high amounts of stress, which can then seep into your “Me Time”. The fact is, even if your business model is perceived as flawless, problems will still arise in one way or another. The trick is not only… Read more

Top 10 tips to help you save energy at work

Are you looking to save energy at work? With more focus nowadays on reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency to help the environment, employer engagement can be key to helping this in the workplace. Everybody at work can play their part to become more energy efficient although it is… Read more

How to raise funding for your mental healthcare unit or cause

Raise funding for mental health causes Whether on an individual or institutional basis, concern for mental health is never far from home. The concern surrounding this is growing with one in four of us expected to experience some sort of mental health issue each year according to This week… Read more

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