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6 Ways to Reduce Your Business Overheads

Saving money on your overheads is money that can then be reinvested into your business... 1. Go paperless Going paperless is a great way to not only reduce  your business overheads but also helps create a more clutter free and green environment for your business. You can use cloud software… Read more

Start a career that makes you happy

How to find the perfect job and start a career Everyone reaches a point in their lives when they finally have the skills and experience necessary to not have to just take the first role that presents itself. This is the point in which you can start a career in… Read more

Get the FRACK away from Lancashire says residents

It's no secret that Fracking, or Hydraulic Fracturing, has become an extremely controversial energy source over the past few years. It has been made even more so as David Cameron continues to support seeing uncontroversial [shale] gas properly exploited in our country, despite opposition from the public over health concerns… Read more

How will the EU referendum affect UK Businesses?

There's a lot of debate going on right now about whether the UK should stay in the EU or leave. For many business owners, especially those who deal with other businesses and countries within the EU, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty about the situation we all face.… Read more

Will Scotland be the EU’s first renewable nation?

We all know that the Scottish are hardy folk. They endure the worst of the rain, wind and snow year after year but still maintain an uncanny resilience to its attempts to disrupt their daily lives. Since the pre-1200s, when the English invaded, the likes of William Wallace used the… Read more

Business Energy Comparisons Simplified: 8 Steps to a Better Deal

It's that time again. That dreaded moment when you realise you're about to embark upon the painful experience of choosing a new business energy or utility contract... lest you suffer the standard or higher tariff consequences! All of a sudden you're bombarded with call after call from cunning suppliers up… Read more

How to fall in love with your business again

At first, we're all head over heels for running our businesses. Who can blame us? It's what drives and defines us to do more, whilst giving us a tantalisingly empowering sense of purpose. As with any relationship, the honeymoon period soon runs out and the spark that once ignited your… Read more

6 Business Development Resolutions to Improve Your Business

The start of a new year means new challenges, new objectives and new opportunities to raise the bar and make the most of what's available to take your business to the next level. Here's some New Year's Resolutions that could help you to achieve just that. Resolution #1: Develop your… Read more

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