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Keep cool without firing up electricity costs

Summer heatwave to blame for surge in UK electricity bills In order to keep offices at a temperature deemed fit for ­employees during the heatwave, companies all over the UK are finding themselves ever more reliant on air conditioning units throughout the working week. However, this cooling method can make… Read more

UK urged to conserve water during heatwave

'Conserve water as much as possible' seems to be the advice from many authorities these past few weeks and carrying on into July. Last Friday, Northern Ireland introduced a hosepipe ban due to a 30% increase in water demand and excessive usage levels – could the rest of the UK… Read more

Top 10 Time Management Tips to Boost Productivity

Time management is a huge factor in any profession but is especially important to business owners. Owning and running any kind of business can be a difficult, stressful and exhausting role. Are there ever enough hours in your day to get everything done? We would guess not. Having said that,… Read more

Exchange Utility shortlisted for two E3 Business Awards

We are feeling ecstatic to be shortlisted as a business customer service award finalist in the 2018 E3 Business Awards, which will be held at the Macron Stadium in Bolton on Thursday 12th July 2018. In 2017, we came home with the High Growth Business of the Year award so… Read more

RIIO-2 energy price control regulations to be implemented by 2020

New energy price control regulations are set to come into effect that will put a cap on the amount that distribution network operators can charge for their services. This updated policy will replace current energy price control regulations. What is RIIO? RIIO is an acronym for an energy network regulation… Read more

DCP 161 will bring significant cost increases

DCP 161 will come into force from 1st April 2018. OFGEM are enforcing this new measure to ensure that Half Hourly (HH) meters that exceed their assigned capacity are charged at an increased rate. What is DCP 161? DCP 161 is a new regulation which will mean those who exceed… Read more

3 Reasons why employee engagement is important

Employee Engagement. Whether it’s a blog, a seminar or a TED talk, anytime modern workplace trends are being discussed this alliterative buzzword will almost certainly rear its head. Given it’s ever-present nature, we thought it might be good to delve into what 'employee engagement' actually means, and figure out why it’s… Read more

Using social media to connect with your customers

How many social media users are there in the UK? With the digital revolution in its prime, it’s hard to ignore the opportunities that come coupled with social media. The most popular social media platforms have users in their billions signing in every day to get the latest updates and… Read more

7 Reasons why online reviews will help to drive your sales

Online reviews are a daunting notion for any business owner. Many worries that setting up an online review platform will open up the door for negative reviews that will harm their business’s reputation. But here’s the really scary bit - with research* showing us that customers are overwhelmingly turning to… Read more

5 Reasons why you need to make your business mobile friendly

In an ever-changing world of technology and evolving consumer habits, one of the biggest hallmarks of modern life is the use of mobile browsing. These days, almost half of your web traffic is likely to come from mobile handsets or tablets. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to… Read more

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