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Understanding your rollover business energy contract

A rollover energy contract is all too easy to fall into and can often lead to higher rates and bigger gas and electric costs for your business. However, rollover contracts are easy to avoid and you have legal rights which are on your side to help you. When your energy contract is… Read more

General election results set to affect Ofgem regulation

Ofgem regulation plans are beginning to emerge ahead of the general election on Thursday 8th June. Regardless of which party claims victory, one thing is for sure, the energy sector is set to experience some big changes. Dermot Nolan is the head of energy regulator Ofgem. He will be the… Read more

Bury Business Shortlisted for three E3 business awards

Exchange Utility have done it again! Not only are the team at this Bury based business energy consultancy expanding at a rapid pace, but they are making their local area proud by gaining recognition as the place to trade, work and save. Speaking on behalf of the company, Director, Kelly… Read more

New business energy contract: What happens next?

When you choose a new business energy contract – if you get a good deal – it can leave you quite excited about how much you’re saving or about dealing with a supplier that is a little less difficult than your last one… but what happens next… You will not… Read more

Understanding your business electricity bills

What are business electricity bills and how can you reduce them? Your business electricity bills are presented to you at the end of a given billing period. Electricity bills can provide your business with a range of useful information that can help you to understand your charges and aid you in… Read more

Energy back billing ban confirmed by Ofgem

Back billing ban confirmed by Ofgem as they move to put legislation in place Energy regulator Ofgem is moving to put legislation in place that will stop gas and electricity suppliers from being able to issue customers with bills for energy that was used over 12 months ago. Currently, there… Read more

Upgrade your commercial energy meter with P272

Upgrade your commercial energy meter with P272 On the 1st April 2017, companies with high energy consumption will be required to use smart metering that provides a half-hourly measurement. Who is affected by P272 meter changes? At the moment P272 affects the commercial energy market. It is a regulation that… Read more

How will DCP 228 affect business energy?

What is DCP 228? DCP 228 is the term given to an upcoming regulatory change to the way electricity distribution charges are calculated. Currently in the pipeline for next year, this new change is coming from Ofgem and will significantly change the way the majority of businesses are charged for… Read more

What are business energy suppliers?

Energy is a necessary part of running any business or household, but what are energy suppliers? Why are they necessary? And what can they offer your business? Energy supplier definition An energy supplier is a business that is responsible for the generation and harvesting of the fuels that homes and… Read more

How are business energy bills calculated?

Let’s face it, business energy bills are never a pretty sight - Even more so when they’re costing you a fortune. Although a necessary evil, it may lessen the blow a little if you understand how your business energy bills are calculated and can recognise when action needs to be… Read more

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