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Invest in Your Team; Invest in Your Business

Whatever your business's overall objectives, your team have a huge part to play in supporting growth, business sustainability and organisational happiness. Here at Exchange Utility, we have discovered astounding benefits to rolling out a training scheme in our business. Allowing our team to reach personal as well as professional goals… Read more

Exchange Utility Shortlisted for THREE Made in Bury Business Awards

We're delighted to announce that Exchange Utility has been shortlisted for the Made in Bury Business Awards 2016! The shortlist was announced on the 20th September 2016, with Exchange Utility claiming nominations for the following awards: Large Business of the Year, sponsored by Brytannic Customer Service Excellence, sponsored by Bury… Read more

Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station gets approval

The controversial plans for Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station to be built in Somerset got final approval from the British Government on the 15th September 2016. Why are there concerns about the construction of Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station? Construction of the Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station is estimated to… Read more

How to bring an Olympic Mindset to your Business

Start your day with an Olympic mindset! The Olympics is a worldwide sporting competition that pits off the best of each nation against one another to compete for a place on the winners' podium and get their name cemented within the Olympic legacy. Rio 2016 made history in that the… Read more

How to become an Energy Savvy SME Business

Studies show that small businesses across the UK are potentially losing millions of pounds a year as a result of energy contracts rolling over. A study carried out by has found that almost one-fifth of firms in Britain have been automatically renewed without actually agreeing to a new contract.… Read more

Open Water Market – Why it’s Good for Businesses

As of 2008, businesses who reside in Scotland have been able to utilise a new and competitive Scottish open water market by ceasing the opportunity to compare water rates.That's over 130,000 businesses now benefiting from the following: Increased competition from suppliers Lower prices A wider range of choice Better customer… Read more

Water Market Changes Benefit Hotel Industry

In three months' time, the English Water Market is opening and it is becoming apparent that some companies are already making changes to the way that they procure their water supply. Luxury hotel group Malmaison and Hotel du Vin has already signed a ground-breaking contract with Anglian Water Business (AWB)… Read more

Understanding the Water Market Reform and The Water Act 2014

The water market reform will have a big impact on how businesses acquire their water supply, compare water rates and control their water costs. Until recently, the UK retail and water supply market was managed by region, with companies using suppliers allocated by area or district – This is no… Read more

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