Business Energy Advice

Find out all that you need to know to make an informed decision on your next gas, electricity or water contract. Our friendly experts are waiting to answer your questions and provide you with some fantastic business energy advice

Business Energy Advice with Exchange Utility: 0800 9777 000

business energy advice with Exchange Utility At Exchange Utility, we pride ourselves on being able to provide practical, cost-effective advice to business owners looking to reduce the cost of their energy and utilities.

As a result of our commitment to customer service excellence, our business energy advice and comparison services have been awarded a Five Star Trustpilot Score by our customers.

We have also made it to the finalist post and beyond on a range of business and customer orientated award schemes, so you know that you can find some of the best business energy advice and deals in the market with Exchange Utility.

If you’d like to see some examples of our fantastic energy management services, visit our case studies page

Business energy advice: New contracts

If you’re looking for a new contract and need business energy advice, then you’ve come to the right place! – We have a team of highly trained professionals waiting for your call.

Our energy experts will answer all of your questions, help you to discover the best options for you, then make all of the arrangements for you to make the transition to your new contract or supplier. It’s that simple!

We don’t confuse you with technical jargon or irrelevant information, all we are interested in is giving you useful business energy advice and helping you to secure the best energy deal.

business energy advice with Exchange Utility Speak to the Exchange Utility team and get advice on the following:

If you have just agreed to a new business energy contract and need advice on what happens next visit our blog: New Business Energy Contract: What happens next?

Existing business energy contract advice

Do you already have a contract but are in need of business energy advice?

Get in touch with the team at Exchange Utility. We can advise you on the following:

  • energy advice service at Exchange UtilityWhat to do if you are unhappy with your business energy supplier or tariff
  • When you need to start looking for a new energy contract
  • VAT rate checks and refunds
  • Advice on how to deal with your current business energy supplier
  • How to reduce your energy bills with clever energy management
  • Queries related to regulations or back billing

Consumption reduction advice for your business

At Exchange Utility, we have spent a lot of time doing our research so that we can give your business every opportunity to save.

This research has resulted in the creation of industry-specific consumption reduction advisories, as well as general business energy advice regarding energy monitoring and usage which you can gain access to entirely free!

Here is some helpful energy saving advice for various sectors:

We also have some other energy saving articles which may be helpful too:

Check out the energy FAQs

Looking for some quick business energy advice?

Why not try and find the information that you need on our energy FAQ’s page?

Alternatively, you can give us a quick call on 0800 9777 000 and one of our advisors would be happy to deal with your query

What to do if you have a serious complaint about your supplier

If you are having issues with your business energy provider and have already tried to resolve them without success, you can get in touch with the Exchange Utility team and we will advise you as best we can: 0800 9777 000

Alternatively, if you would like to escalate your complaint to a regulatory body, you have the following resources available to you:

We hope that you have found all of the business energy advice that you need to be able to move forward with confidence.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team if you need anything else!