Business Biogas: Who wants to be the BIG CHEESE?

Cheese fuelled Biogas plant worth £10 million coming to Cumbria

Business Biogas: Who wants to be the BIG CHEESE?We know it’s cheesy but biogas is grate news for Cumbrian businesses!

Clearfleu, a British business has invested in a new £10 million anaerobic digestion plant. It is to be built in the Lake District and will be working to convert excess cheese residue into Biogas that has the potential to generate 1000m3 of the business warming fuel per hour.

business biogas 2It’s estimated that the Cumbrian Biogas Plant will be sending 80% of energy generated to the national grid. Clearfleu approximate that this will be able to supply the gas usage for 4,000 homes each year.

This eco-friendly venture will not be without profit. A firm called Lake District Biogas is due to take over the plant for its first 20 years of operations. During this time they are expected gage earnings in the region of £3,000,000 per year!

Could you make money out of farming biogas?

This is an incredibly exciting time for businesses in the local areas and throughout the UK as Biogas looks set to provide a return and success to those brave enough to venture into the sector. 2020 climate change targets are looming over the UK that are set to trigger big changes in how we secure our energy.

business biogas 3If you’ve got the capital and means to venture into this sector then why not give it a go yourself? There are loads of hand tips and advice out there for those looking to take the plunge.

Take a look at the National Energy Foundations, Energy farms – Anaerobic digestion pack to find out more

This type of opportunity can fit into many sectors. You basically need a lot of organic waste from foods and plants so if you work within the farming, catering or even landscaping sectors this could be the business move for you.

How can I get better energy prices without a biogas plant?

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If building a biogas plant doesn’t appeal to you and you still want to find a way to cut your business energy costs, you can use Third Party Intermediaries to secure better market rates. These businesses use buyer power to negotiate fantasic rates with energy suppliers.

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It’s so easy!

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(If we save you enough, you could even choose to invest your savings towards a biogas plant.)

There are opportunities everywhere, exploit them!