Energy Savings are the new energy source

In recent years, the UK has been battling to reach ambitious 2020 energy efficiency targets and create energy savings with reasonable success.

  • Energy Savings are the new energy sourceIn the UK, final energy consumption decreased by 7% (2005-2013)
  • The UK now has 5,305 onshore wind turbine and 1,465 offshore that are producing over 34 million megawatt hours of energy
  • Wind energy made a significant contribution to the UK’s power generation by providing 11% of our electricity in 2015
  • 5,504 more wind turbines are now either consented or under construction that have the capacity to generate over 21,000 megawatts of energy
  • The use of Solar Power almost doubled in 2014 from the installation of 650,000 panels at solar farms, businesses and homes
  • The UK benefits significantly from hydropower and there is currently an installed capacity of 1676 MW, generating over 5885 gigawatt hours per year
  • The UK is committed to increasing renewable generation to 15% by 2020 and hydropower has a prominent role to play in the future energy mix

Even though the above milestones have been reached, there is still apprehension about whether the UK is changing fast enough to meet EU targets. Although, there may be light at the end of the tunnel yet…

What does the European Commission have to say about energy saving?

eu commission and energy savingThe European Commission Joint Research Centre Analysis highlights that “energy savings to become the first fuel”.  Alongside this they are urging local and national governments alike take notice in order to create an environment where energy saving is an “energy source in its own right.”

There are suggestions within the European Commission that a 40% carbon reduction target as opposed to the current 20% objective would result in energy savings and renewables combined overtaking the amount of energy from all imported fossil fuels together – This includes oil, gas, coal and solid fuels.

Working toward these climate change targets will assist the UK in meeting objectives of a reduction in dependency on other countries for fuel, as well as lessening the impacts of climate change and effectively decarbonising the economy.

What can businesses do to make energy savings?

In the future, pressure is going to be applied to UK businesses, across all sectors, to work towards becoming more environmentally friendly. This is great news as there are a pile of savings to be found from reassessing business energy needs and taking steps towards lowering consumption.

UK businesses looking to make substantial savings on their gas, electricity and water by making simple changes such as switching off, using eco-friendly equipment and changing routines can utilise the energy efficiency assistance already out there – There’s lots of it!

You can find lots of handy tips and tricks for business energy consumption reduction on our blog

What can businesses do to make instant energy savings?

renewable energy savingIt is known throughout the energy industry that a lot of people and businesses are overpaying their supplier due to faults such as being on the wrong tariff or by allowing their business energy and utility contracts to roll over.

This is practically throwing money away as businesses have simple options available to them to resolve this issue. Exchange Utility is an independent business energy consultant that can compare preferential current market rates from a variety of suppliers. We secure great prices by using buyer power to negotiate better rates that we then pass on to our customers.

We also support businesses in the transition from contract to contract so there are no nasty piles of paperwork to deal with – Just a better contract and potentially thousands in savings.
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