The ghosts of business energy past, present and future

The ghosts of business energy past, present and futureThe days are growing darker and the cold weather is drawing in, meaning that you will almost certainly be able to find a reason to have a Scrooge about your latest business energy bills.

However, excessive energy Scrooging – as you well know – can result in the disturbance of three spirits who look to set things right just in time for Christmas Day…

business energy past present and futureThe ghosts of business energy past, present and future!

These ghosts will guide us through time so that we can gain an understanding of the mistakes of our energy past, our current situation and what you can do in the future to have a very merry (and inexpensive) Christmas indeed.

So take my hand as we step into the past to discover what business energy used to be like…

The first spirit… The ghost of energy past

In previous years a wasteful attitude and higher than necessary prices has not been something that is frown upon. We fritter away power, leaving lights and devices on without a care about how much is being used and no consideration for those in fuel poverty… As long as your lights are on, who cares right?

business energy past present and future54% of energy used in supply of UK electricity wasted – The Association for Decentralised Energy (2015)

Strange though it is, when you look back to being a young child and learning about the environment… You genuinely couldn’t comprehend why you would damage it if you had the option not to…

Caution to those who choose to waste without consideration. A wasteful attitude is a costly one.

The second spirit….The ghost of energy present

In 2016, we are beginning to see signs of improvement in the energy market. However, business owners are still failing to compare prices.

“It’s estimated that 1,200,000 businesses are overpaying their energy supplier – some by 80% – Competition Markets Authority

business energy past present and futureThe creation of business energy comparison companies has been implemented in order to tackle this and encourage you to drive competition by reviewing your tariff options more thoroughly.

Missing out on this opportunity will only result in the
market remaining very much the same. As a result, some smaller business owners may not be able to cope with such high overheads and could end up indebted to suppliers or having to close their doors for good.

Caution to those who waste the opportunity to make improvements for themselves and others.

The final spirit… The ghost of energy future

“Ghost of the Future! I fear you more than any spectre I have seen. Will you not speak to me?”

If we refuse to change our ways, there may be no one to speak to anymore.

It may sound a little post-apocalyptic, but it’s true. A world without energy would cause chaos, the likes of which humanity has never seen!

business energy past present and futureThe future of business energy lies with renewable and sustainable energy sources and we need to adapt to survive. Businesses now have the option to pursue green business energy suppliers, install sustainable energy generation equipment and implement energy saving tactics to reduce their costs and environmental impact and attract  those prize turkey customers.

How do I change my ways?

Repair the mistakes of the past by starting a business energy contract comparison, all you need to do is fill in a few details from a recent bill in the form below.

Heed energy saving advice, you can find a range of tips and tricks to help you save money on your energy on our business energy blog.

Then look to the future and discover what you can do to make things brighter for your business than ever before by speaking to a member of our corporate energy team on 0161 696 0198!