Hide a Euros / World Cup Hangover with these 5 Tips

5 Tips to Help You Hide your Euros or World Cup Hangover

Hide a Euro 2016 hangover with these 5 tipsEven managing directors, entrepreneurs and CEO’s can’t resist getting caught up in the football spirit when all is well with the home team.

The only problem is that you are left sleep deprived the following day, having had at least 90 minutes worth of booze fueling your system, with an imminent dehydration headache encroaching.

As the tournament continues, so will this vicious cycle, so it only makes sense for entrepreneurs, business leaders and directors to be prepared to cover up the corruption of the previous night and hide a Euros or World Cup hangover.

You could also use many of these tips to help you if your team has reached the FA Cup Final, League Cup Final or any other final cup game…

1. Arrange a workforce match watch

Hide a Euro 2016 hangover and your only shoeThis isn’t just a great way to motivate your staff and inspire workforce patriotism…

By arranging a staff match watch, you can almost guarantee that a group of enthusiastic individuals will go out together to celebrate or mourn the result and in doing so will make themselves far worse off than you have ever been in the hungover at work department.

Furthermore the gossip surrounding the match night shenanigans will keep everyone far too busy to notice that you only remembered to put on one shoe this morning….

2. Break out the recovery kit

If you have people to face the day after match day, then you have no choice but to be presentable and coherent. This is where a recovery kit can come in handy.

What you need in a hangover recovery kit:

  • Hide a Euro 2016 hangover recovery kitBreath mints: Even though you’ve brushed your teeth, it’s done nothing to discard the smell emulating from your stomach…
  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!: Alcohol dehydrates you which can cause headaches and make you feel sluggish so you need to get as much fluid as possible back into your system to start thinking like a boss again.
  • Eye drops: A big part of a hangover and how tired you feel can be due to having dry eyes. Although sometimes uncomfortable to apply, eye drops can help to get rid of your headache and give you a fresher look to outsiders as your no longer bloodshot eyes don’t give the impression that you’re dying inside.
  • Caffeine: Now that you’ve covered up most of the evident hangover symptoms, it’s time to start getting back on track. What better fuel than caffeine? Whatever your poison – coffee or energy drink – it will be a welcome boost to get you through the day.
  • Breakfast: Contrary to popular belief – not that you’ll pay attention – greasy foods can be bad news when it comes to getting over a hangover, but it’s also important to get some nutrients back into your system. Why not try eggs? They are full of amino acids that boost liver function, which helps you to detox. Eggs are also pretty healthy so you can disguise your breakfast choice with a claim that you’re ingesting them to be healthy!

3. Don’t drink?Hide a Euro 2016 hangover and dont drink

It’s hilarious that this is even a suggestion, but the logic still stands.

If you’ve got an important meeting, task or day ahead then a wise man probably wouldn’t ply his or her system with the devils drink.

You can have just as much fun without participating in the consumption of alcohol right?

4. Get your pre drink preparations on the ball!

Preparing your body for what it is about to ingest can be a life saver!

Drink a full pint of water before you head out to see the match and make sure that you line your stomach with some heavy foods so you:

  1. Don’t get too drunk too quickly
  2. So that there is something for the alcohol to mix with

5. Fill your day with lots of little tasks

Hide a Euro 2016 hangover and do little tasksIf all of the above has no or very little effect on your recovery and you still feel like throwing the towel in for the day then, you can crawl your way to home time by breaking the remaining hours down into little and manageable, but high impact, tasks.

For example, you could reassess the basic costs for your business, like energy.

Completing tasks like this can have an extremely high pay off in exchange for very little effort – which is fantastic when you’re experiencing a Euros or World Cup hangover.

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hide a euro 2016 hangoverComparing business energy with us could save your business up to 40% on your energy spend – Imagine making that much of a difference to your business running costs on a day where you expect nothing useful to get done?

It’s not just business energy that you can compare, if this goes well, why not try renegotiating your business insurance or car insurance?

One thing’s for sure, if you manage to save your business hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, then you can consider your job for the day done!

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